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Photos, sketches and significance of tattoos on his arm

Looking back on the origins of underwear painting, namely, the tribal tattoos, one can not say about the tattoos on his hands. Historically, tattoos were applied to the hands, not only to refer to the social status or profession, but also for aesthetic purposes.

Hand — the most moving part of the human body, it has a lot of curves and lines. To begin with, that from the point of view of the arm tattoos can be divided into several sections:


Each of the following parts of the body corresponds to the type of sketches. For example, on their fingers often deposited letters and numbers. Sometimes these small-sized places do quite unusual and original tattoo, such as a mustache. The most popular sketch for a tattoo on the wrist — Star


On the upper arm will look great inscription, flames or flowers. Leverage is one of the most versatile places for artistic tattoos, you can offer hundreds of ideas and sketches. Under each area of ​​the hand on our site there is a corresponding article, where you can find more ideas, details and important points regarding tattoos.

By the same popular sketches of tattoos on the hands are inscriptions. By the way, if you stop your choice on them, on the site vse-o-tattoo.ru there is a huge collection of fonts, including certain there will be one that is right for you!


As for the hand as a whole, there is a special type of tattoo, called sleeve . This form of tattoo can also be read in the corresponding article. Just to say that the size of the sleeve is divided into

  • A long – Tattoo as the arm, from shoulder to wrist;
  • Half of – tattoo in half arm, from shoulder to elbow or from elbow to wrist;
  • Fourth – Tattoo quarter hand from the shoulder and reaching to the elbow.

We would like to reassure those who are kind to the issues associated with painful sensations. Tattoos on the hand is not a very painful procedure, so even delicate women can safely endure the process of applying tattoos. Let’s sum up.


Photos and designs

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