51 photos, designs and meanings of tattoos on hips

Photos, designs and meanings of tattoos on female hips

The hip is the most extensive part of the leg, and already for this is considered one of the most popular places for tattoos. Most often tattoo on the thigh can be found just at the girls. Why? Here is the situation as a whole is the same as with a tattoo on his ankle. Men rarely have to bare this place, and to admire her hips in a strange way.

The girls are all on the contrary. Female hip — not just a part of the body, but a real character, in which female sexuality is concentrated and grace. That is why the fair sex so often tend to emphasize and embellish this part of his body.


On some forums I’ve seen opinion that the tattoo on the hip is virtually painless due to the fact that in this area under the skin there is a large amount of meat, and therefore the pain is not felt almost. Well, partly I agree. Compared to such a place as the knee, hip indeed much less sensitive. But we must remember two important facts.

Firstly, women’s skin is much softer and more sensitive than men. Therefore, the process of applying the tattoo on the thigh of the girl is sometimes accompanied by a small amount of blood and pain. Secondly, as already said, the hip area is quite heavy, so doing there are large pattern.

This means that the tattoo procedure can take several hours and the skin, of course, provoked, which strengthens the feeling. So completely agree with the popular opinion of painless tattoos on hips, I can not.

Popular ideas for tattoos on thighs

It may be added that this area is famous for several popular women’s sketches. We can not start with a dragon on her hip. The difficult, laborious, but incredibly beautiful painting of this ancient creature exactly takes pride of place among the most famous tattoos loin.

Variations picture of the dragon, as well as the forms of its location on the body, quite a lot. Some prefer to limit the tattoo area only hip. Someone dragon ranges from ribs to hips. However, if tatuha done qualitatively, the larger it is, the better.

Another popular story tattoo on his thigh girls — garters and bows. On them we told in a separate article. Here, for example, that in most cases, bows are arranged symmetrically on both legs, especially at the rear. And finally, the absolute hit of recent months — Dreamcatcher! Interesting, fascinating picture, which has magical properties talisman.

Summing up, the tattoo of female hips — one of the most stylish and exciting areas of modern tattoo art. Which figure do you think is the most relevant for this area? Write in the comments!



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Photos and designs

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