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Beautiful tattoos on the lower back for girls

What does the tattoo on your lower back? Why today is solely the prerogative of women? Why such tattooed the people there are so biased, negative attitude? For some reason, men do not wear tattoos on this site? About all this in order we will discuss in this article.


Today, a tattoo on the lower back, as well as on any other site, itself does not have any particular values . Yes, in the early days so stigmatized servants, and this fact could leave an imprint in the culture of underwear painting. Nowadays, however, it is not known to many, and the biased attitude of some this is more a stereotype. The reason lies not so much in a tattoo on the lower back, and that its possessor to demonstrate bares lower back, which naturally negatively perceived conservative society.

Anatomically, the male and female body is designed differently. More or less developed back in men has a trapezoid shape, extending to the top. In women, on the contrary, lower back slightly expands, so the tattoo in this place looks more aesthetically pleasing.

Many girls are planning their first tattoo in this place? Why? The answer in general is simple. In his youth, teens want to stand out, and a tattoo on the lower back of the girl — one of the best ways to demonstrate their originality


Long blouses and tops, skirts and jeans with low waist — almost all styles of women’s clothing makes the lower back of one of the most open parts of the body. The tattoos on the back of the body has an obvious disadvantage: even with the help of mirrors can be difficult to appreciate and admire their tattoos, so the tattoo in these areas tend to be made for the sake of attention of others


From the artistic point of view, a tattoo on the lower back — almost a separate genre. The most important thing here is the compliance symmetry pattern. Tattoo lettering on the waist — a phenomenon quite rare, but the butterflies and patterns are always in trend. Tattoo in the form babochkido still the most popular choice for this area.

Speaking of pain treatments, the back, including the lower section, it is a very sensitive area. Feel depends mainly on the individual pain threshold, but looking at the number of photos of female tattoo with butterflies and patterns on the back, I want to believe that the fairer sex steadfastly experiencing application procedure. Summing up, I want to remind you that the value of any tatuha is primarily due to the fact that it depicts, not to where it is located.


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