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Tattoos on neck are stylish and beautiful, but the image and the place should be chosen carefully. In the article, we’ll show you which patterns will be more appropriate, offering photos and sketches of neck tattoos for girls and guys.


Neck is considered to be one of the most painful areas, especially on the front and close to spinal bones. The skin here is thin, with nerve endings and almost no fatty layer, which obtund unpleasant sensations. There are many factors that can affect quality of the tattoo, safe healing of the wound and degree of threshold of pain.


  1. Don’t drink alcohol or take medicines that increase or lower blood pressure the day before.
  2. Make sure that you don’t have diabetes, heart and skin diseases.
  3. Always come to the artist in a good mood and don’t forget to sleep well.

If the artist is experienced enough, only qualitative and new tools are available, the process will be almost painless. The image on this part of the body is almost always inked in two sessions, it should be taken into account. A birthmark is not a problem for the tattoo artist: he will ink the image around it skillfully, picking up the most successful perspective of the picture.


Tattoos look elegant and sexy on girls’ necks. Neat pictures, patterns, inscriptions or well-made hieroglyphs (we advise to think over the idea several times before doing the latter one) add charm and femininity. The main thing is that the picture shouldn’t be too motley, otherwise, it will look ugly.
Tattoos look good on thin and long swan neck, especially on the side and back. If there is not enough space for the chosen composition, you can extend it to the chest, shoulder or shoulder blade.

According to statistics, girls prefer to tattoo flowers, music notes, birds or butterflies, which look extraordinary in 3D format.

Men like the tattoo, the photo of which you can see in the gallery, on the back of the neck more than on the front. Dark gray flowers in Celtic style look neat and impressive, and geometric patterns personify the movement. Hair should be either too short or at least reach shoulders, so it’s easy to expose the neck with an elegant picture.

Each symbol has its own deep meaning and powerful energy, so it’s better to tattoo an inscription from popular signs, instead of looking for something superoriginal.

Imitations of jewels are almost as popular as inscriptions, messages, figure-mascots. A beautiful imitation of a lace collar or a necklace is suitable for a suit or a dress. Usually, the pattern starts from front or back of the neck and falls smoothly to the chest and shoulders.

Tattoos on the side of the neck for girls look attractive. They often tattoo a blue lotus, which means wisdom and serenity. Powerful girls choose predators and dragons. Recently, many girls have started to choose images in watercolor!

Intricate patterns on the sides visually extend the neck. Girls who like low neck will be amazed by a symmetrical image of a butterfly, skull or wings in this area. This tattoo looks quite attractive.


Men like images, which symbolize perseverance, strength, endurance and courage. Most often they ink pictures of animals, skulls in different variations, flames, images in Asian style.
Men prefer to ink tattoos on the back of neck or around it. They often ink patterns of chains, instead of real golden jewels.

Conservative people with a calm nature prefer tattoos with deep meaning. They often choose ethnic patterns that only the owner can understand, as well as crosses and faces of saints.

Polynesian tattoos are popular. They look brutal, but impressive and can be inked on any part of neck.

They go down to the shoulder and forearm. Life of a person and his/her strong points are put into its meaning. Polynesian elements are also common among women. The moon, a symbol of femininity, is especially popular. Snakes and lizards are also common female images and symbolize adaptation to any life situations. They add longevity to the owners.

Male tattoo is inked more often on the side of the neck than on the back of the neck. Men prefer images of predatory animals and birds. You can often see tattoos of mythical characters or barcodes. Anatomical variations of tattoos aren’t popular because they look too obnoxious and aggressive. Every capillary, artery and vein of the subcutaneous structure of the body is realistically tattooed in this picture.
Male tattoos on neck should be chosen carefully. You should definitely consult with the professional tattoo artist to specify all the details and choose the right symbol.


Tattoos on neck heal more slowly than those on other parts of the body. Usually, it takes two months. The tattoo artist will treat the wound, use a special ointment and put the bandage on it right after inking. He/she will give you necessary instructions for tendance of the tattoo:

  • Remove the bandage and water the wound with warm water on the second day.
  • Anoint tattoos on the back of the neck or on its side with antiseptic ointments. They quickly restore the skin and prevent inflammation. Remove the ointment with a specially prepared napkin (the tattoo artist will give detailed instructions).
  • Never tear off the crust, no matter how it itched, otherwise, the contours of the tattoo will be smeared, scars will appear and you can infect the wound.
  • The tattoo must be wrapped before bathing. It is strictly forbidden to wipe the tattoo with the towel.
  • For the first three days it is necessary to avoid physical activity, alcohol and smoking. Try not to turn your neck, and turn around the whole body.
  • For almost two weeks you can’t bathe in in surface water, go to saunas, stand in drafts, sunbathe, wear synthetic or woolen clothes under your throat. Put on clothes carefully, trying not to touch the crust.



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