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Tattoo on the palm: the edge and back side

What can I say, on any part of the body covered with skin, you can apply the tattoo. Tattoo on the edge of the palm is one of the most exotic and infrequent phenomena in modern life, but, since such a phenomenon takes place, we have to write about it. Tattoo on the palm — the prerogative of not only original, but rather unusual people, a little strange, and thinking outside the box. As a rule, this part of the hand applied very themed image. One of the most popular is the drawing of the eye. Geometrically palms are more suited to the rounded figures.

The back side — not the best place for inscriptions or hieroglyphics. I recall that at the moment we are only talking about the artistic tattoo, losing sight of the primitive versions made self-made machine, and prison tattoos.


One of the few benefits of the tattoo on the back of the hand is relatively painless. The skin in this place quite rough, and the procedure for the application of tattoos goes quite easily. But from the standpoint of practicality this picture understandably suitable units.

The best and most popular decoration for hands today is henna tattoo. Read more about it you will learn from the corresponding article. We recall only that it is a special paint and washed off after a while.

The tattoo on the palm side (on the edge) just more suitable for labels . Places in this area is even smaller than the wrist, so work in this place often associated with tattoos on his fingers.

What kind of reaction have you cause people with tattoos on his hands? Write in the comments!


Photos and designs

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