32 photos, designs and tips for tattoos on ribs

Male and female tattoo on the side (ribs)

Body paintings that are pierced on the side give an opportunity to emphasize the dignity of the figure and to express its uniqueness. In this section, we will be presenting beautiful pictures and drawings for male and female tattoos on the ribs. We will also take time to describe what images can be used to adorn the body, and what images would be inappropriate.
Basically, body paintings and piercings are applied for the enhancement of beauty, to make the figure more sexual, to give focus onto a perfect figure. Choosing the right drawing will help to hide body flaws, and bad compositions will be on the contrary. Therefore, it is always worth listening to the master.
When choosing what drawing to go for, take note of the body’s features: thin and lean individuals do not fit the bulky, dense and colorful tattoos on the ribs. However, it is not always advantageous to obtain very small drawings pierced. Therefore, it is better to choose a middle ground.
Do not forget that this part of the body is exposed to age-related changes: the extra fat deposited around the waist and thighs, the skin is stretched, and over time, the muscles lose their elasticity. In order for the tattoos on the side of men and women to last long and preserve their precise contours, you need to play sports, watch your weight.
If you are planning to lose a few kilos, you should not do so immediately after the tattoo! The tattoo can pull off and turn into a blur of indistinguishable colors. It is not recommended to go for drawings with fine details, especially in the lower body.


Tattoos on the side can be easily seen on both the front and from the back, so you should take into account the piercings in the other parts of the body. Basically, side paintings always lie in harmony with the rest of the works, but there are exceptions.
The image can be extended to the armpit, abdomen, thighs, back and buttocks. Basically, there is no difference on which side the drawing is pierced, but there are limitations for the mascots. In Christianity, the right part always represents good, and the opposite — negativity and doom. However, this is not always the case: if you put a tattoo on the left side of girls or men, the dolphin symbol will help keep loyalty and true love. Yin and yang on the right side of the body attract the ability to unravel the mysteries of fate and gain wisdom.

Does it hurt?

Girls are fascinated by bright and eye-catching images, using all the colors of the rainbow. Images of a peacock or a hummingbird with their tails down to the thighs and buttocks are grand-looking works of art. Such compositions are viewed to be very sexy, and certainly drive a lot of men out of their wits with admiration.

Best designs for girls

Girls are fascinated by bright and eye-catching images, using all the colors of the rainbow. Images of a peacock or a hummingbird with their tails down to the thighs and buttocks are grand-looking works of art. Such compositions are viewed to be very sexy, and certainly drive a lot of men out of their wits with admiration.
Side tattoos for girls in the form of images of angels look interesting and neat. Celtic-style ornaments will look great if dominated by smooth lines, as well as garlands of flowers, butterflies and birds flying up. A very attractive composition is created if it begins at the bottom, and gradually moves to the area in the back of the ribs. Do not disfigure the tattoo image by employing sharp angles and geometric shapes: a lot of squares and lightning distort your figure. Vertical tattoo lettering on the side for girls should not be leaning to the side, and should be exactly in the middle.
Large flowers with buds and leaves suit curvaceous girls. A lot of time, the fair sex is fascinated by piercing tulips, which stand for passion, lilies signifying pride and disobedience and peonies as a symbol of tenderness.
Hearts are considered to be ladies’ drawings, and so are crystals, gems and unicorns. Trees without leaves look repulsive. It is better to fill in with a branch of cherry blossoms in black and red colors. It will emphasize the mystery outline of the figure and its grace.
Images on the side give the ladies femininity, but characters written over the entire height have the opposite effect. Tattoo lettering for girls on the edges of the waist or in a horizontal position are much better looking. It is also worth remembering that a greater part of the female body will be open in the summer, so big compositions or themes should be selected carefully. Feathers of birds at the bottom will look attractive, but the same is not true for the feet of an angel or a mythical creature.
Girls who have not yet felt the happiness of motherhood, it is better to postpone the underwear pictures. During pregnancy and after childbirth image will lose its beauty: terminates, raspolzetsya, smazhutsya contours. Do not always be able to restore the female wizard tattoo on the side, and the burn is painful and risky (may be left scars). The best option for expectant mothers — a small picture in the ribs or armpits.

Men’s tattoo on the ribs

Men prefer to give the image in black. The most popular is a ship sailing on the waves at full sail. Earlier this symbol sailors used to them after a shipwreck buried at sea customs. Today, freedom-loving men painting packed, ready to withstand the winds and storms.

Men’s tattoo on the side — scenes of religious themes (the Virgin Mary or Buddha). Black Boar, pierced cross, helps to expel evil spirits. Popular images of wild and predatory animals, birds, representatives of the deep sea. Before the procedure, be sure to find out the value of the selected underwear pictures, talk with the master. The shark symbolizes cunning, strong character and sharp wit, though sometimes looks aggressive and intimidating.

Men often stuffed biomechanics and classic tribal, dragon and half-naked girls, crosses and skulls with wings. Often they do flower, mostly iris. According to an ancient eastern legend every warrior before battle he tore the blue flower to battle not to lose courage.

Men tattoo lettering on the edges are also quite popular: quotes or your own thoughts, characters and phrases in Latin. In general, they are applied horizontally, it looks much more impressive than that of women.

How to care for a tattoo on the side?

If the procedure took place without complications, which usually occurs due to improper preparation and consumption of alcohol, the wound will heal within 1-2 months. All depends on the pattern size, pattern density, physical properties of the organism.
A huge plus tattoos on the side that is easy to care for them without assistance (if drawing is not extended to the back). It is necessary to implement the recommendations of the master exactly as in the case of redness or pus not delay a return visit.

Try several times a day to change the shirt, and during the week did not go out. Clothing should be free, otherwise you can catch formed on the side of the crust. Cant categorically impossible, to turn, being careful not to strain the abdominal muscles.


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