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Pictures on sides are an opportunity to emphasize advantages of the figure and express its uniqueness. In this section, we will offer beautiful photos and sketches of female and male tattoos on the ribs. Moreover, we will tell you what images adorn the body, and which ones are inappropriate.

Usually, tattoos are inked for the sake of beauty, for making the image sexier, for emphasizing the perfect body. The picture that was chosen right helps hide the imperfections of the body and vice versa in case of unsuccessful composition. So you should always consider advice of the tattoo artist.
When choosing a pattern, you should consider the body constitution: thin and slender people shouldn’t ink massive, colorful and dense tattoos on the ribs. Sometimes small tattoos don’t look good as well: here it is better to steer a middle course.

Don’t forget that this part of the body is subject to age-related changes: excess fats are deposited on the waist and hips, the skin is stretched, the muscles lose their elasticity over time. You have to do sport and watch your weight. In this case, the contours of the tattoo on sides of men and women will remain clear for a long time.

The picture should be inked on the prepared body: if you plan to lose a couple kilos, don’t do this after making the tattoo! It can shrink and turn into a multi-colored spot. It is not recommended to choose pictures with small details, especially in the lower part of the trunk.

Tattoos on sides are well seen both from the front and from the back, so you should consider pictures on other parts of the body. Generally, side pictures are in harmony with the rest of the works, but there are exceptions.

The image can be extended to armpit, stomach, hips, back and buttocks. On the whole, there is no difference, on which side the picture is tattooed, but there are limitations for mascots. In Christianity, the right side always symbolizes good, and the opposite means negativity and doom. However, it is not always like this: if you ink the tattoo on left side of a girl or a man, the symbol of the dolphin will help preserve loyalty of a friend and true love. Yin and yang on right side of the body is the opportunity to unravel riddles of fate and gain wisdom.


It is not as painful as inking the picture on neck or armpit, but the feeling will be similar in the area of ribs, because the skin is close to bones. Moreover, tattooing in the rib area is considered to be the most painful process among all parts of the body. This is a real test for true fans of the art of body painting. When you move closer to hips, buttocks and back, the pain will turn into some kind of burning. But the closer you get to stomach, the more intense the pain is.



Girls choose bright and catchy images, using all colors of the rainbow. The image of a peacock or a humming bird looks beautiful, when their tails slide down to hips and buttocks. Such compositions turn out to be very sexy and a lot of men like them.

Female tattoos on the side in the form of angels look interesting and restrained. Ornaments in Celtic style, in which smooth lines prevail, as well as flower garlands, butterflies and birds flying upwards, will look good. The tattoo will be attractive, if the composition starts at the bottom and smoothly crosses the back to the rib area. You shouldn’t tattoo images with acute angles and geometric patterns: lightning and squares will distort your figure. Vertical tattoo inscriptions on sides of the girls shouldn’t be shifted to the side. They should be right in the center.

Pictures of large flowers with buds and leaves are good for curvaceous girls. In the area of waist, women often tattoo tulips, meaning passion, lilies — flowers of pride and disobedience, peonies — a symbol of tenderness.

Hearts, crystals of gems and unicorns are considered to be pictures for ladies. Trees without leaves look repulsive, it’s better to tattoo the branch of sakura in bloom in black and red tones. It will emphasize the mystery, figure outline and grace.

Images on sides add femininity to women, but hieroglyphs written over the entire height have the opposite effect. The tattooed inscriptions on the ribs or waist of girls in a horizontal position look much better. Besides, you should remember that in summer a part of the female body will be open, that’s why, a large composition or story should be chosen more carefully. Feathers of birds in the lower part will look attractive, which can’t be said about the legs of an angel or mythical creature.

Girls that haven’t been mothers yet shouldn’t hurry to make tattoos. During pregnancy and after childbirth, the pattern will lose its beauty: it breaks, cracks, the contours become smeared. Sometimes, tattoo artists can’t restore female tattoos on the side. Moreover, burning out the tattoo is painful and risky (scars may occur). A small picture in the rib or armpit area is the best option for future mothers.


Men prefer to ink tattoos in black tones. A seaborne ship in full sail is especially popular. This symbol was used by sailors before, so that after shipwrecked they were buried according to sea customs. Nowadays, freedom-loving men that are ready to withstand winds and storms tattoo such a picture.

Male tattoos on the side are religious stories (Virgin Mary or Buddha). A black wild boar pierced with a cross helps exorcize evil spirits. Images of wild and predatory animals, birds, representatives of the sea depths are popular. Before tattooing, make sure you know the meaning of the chosen picture, consult with the professional artist. The shark symbolizes cunning, virile character and acute mind, although it looks aggressive and frightening sometimes.

Men often tattoo biomechanics and classic tribal, dragon and semi-naked girls, crosses with skulls and wings. They often ink flowers, mostly iris. According to the ancient eastern legend, each warrior slipped off a blue flower before the battle, in order not to lose courage in the battle.

Male tattoo inscriptions on ribs are also quite popular: quotes or their own thoughts, hieroglyphs and phrases in Latin. They are mainly tattooed horizontally. It looks much more striking on men’s than on women’s bodies.


If tattooing has no complications, which usually occur because of improper preparation and drinking alcohol, the wound will heal within 1-2 months. Everything depends on the size of the picture, the density of the picture, and the physical properties of the organism.

A huge advantage of tattoos on sides is the fact that it’s easy to take care of them without assistance (unless the picture is extended to the back). It is necessary to follow the instructions of the tattoo artist. And in case of redness or suppuration, don’t hesitate to visit the tattoo artist again. Try to change your shirt several times a day and stay indoors for a week. Clothes should be loose, otherwise, you can hitch up the crust formed on the side. It is forbidden to bend down, turn around. Try not to strain your abdominal muscles.




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