37 Shoulder Blade Tattoos - Photos, Designs and Tips

Female and male tattoo on shoulder blade

Tattoo on the blade — quite a good choice for several reasons. Firstly, it is a good place for the drawing medium and small sizes. Scorpio, flowers, a wolf or a tiger head — these are just a few options for the blade designs. Another advantage is that around this area quite a lot of free space, and tattoo may partially come out beyond the blade. An example of such an image — a lizard or a dragon, whose tail ends near the middle portion of the back


Thirdly, it is the perfect place in terms of practicality. Ambient will see your tattoo unless on the beach or in the sauna.

However, it begs the obvious negative tattoos on the shoulder blade, if you make a small figure in a separate area, so you give up the big picture of the entire back. If you really want to have a high-quality surround pattern on the back, but for some reason many decide to take a desperate step until you can not, do not waste your time on trifles.


Tattoos on the blade for girls

For girls tattoo on the shoulder blade are hardly the best one for tattoos. On the one hand, this is a conservative place, drawing which will always look neat and modest. It also will look great sign or hieroglyph.

As an example, take a tattoo on Angelina Jolie’s shoulder blade. In certain style of women’s clothing in the tattoo area of the blade will be a little peek out from under the clothes, teasing the male gaze and arousing interest in its owner.

The good news for girls will be the fact that in the process of applying tattoos in this area you will feel the least pain, although the question of pain is absolutely unique. Summarize:


Photos and designs

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