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Piercing of tongue has been popular from times immemorial. It seemed especially appropriate for people in such ancient tribes as Aztecs and Mayas. Such an ornament was made not only for the sake of its aesthetic component, but also for ritual ceremonies. Nowadays, you can see rock art paintings, which depict chiefs of tribes with pierced tongues, almost everywhere. At first, tongue piercing was considered to be a privilege for the respected authorities of a particular society. Over time, everyone could afford such an ornament.

Representatives of Oriental civilization didn’t lag behind in this regard. Sufis and fakirs pierced tongues as well. However, the interpretation of tongue piercing from Australian aborigines seemed to be much more interesting. They believed that such a body modification “released evil energy from the body”. They thought that shamans could communicate with gods in such a way.

Why is tongue pierced nowadays? What are the dangers of this process and what should be expected from the chosen ornaments? We’ll try to answer all of these and many other questions in our article.


The faint-hearted should abandon such an idea for sure. After piercing the tongue, you’ll have to give up solid food for several weeks. Fermented milk products, very hot or very sweet food are also unacceptable. Moreover, you won’t be able to talk normally at first. Such inconveniences are likely to cause considerable psychological stress. You should be ready for this.

Why do people pierce tongues? They do it mainly to improve their sexuality. Indeed, a well-chosen ornament looks very exciting.

In most cases, piercing is done accurately in the middle of the tongue. The tongue is likely to swell slightly right after piercing. This is normal and usually it disappears in a few days. Many people wonder: how should a pierced tongue be treated? The wound is washed with Miramistin for several weeks. You can also use chlorhexidine. Tongue piercing usually heals in about a month.



Guns and catheters are no longer used for this purpose. It’s most advisable to use a special needle for piercing. There are several reasons for this: first, it is easily sterilized, and secondly, the needle is much sharper than the catheter, for example. This significantly reduces pain.

Tongue piercing isn’t painless at all. The given organ of the human body is, in fact, the same muscle as the lip, for example. A priori, you will feel pain. Often it’s quite intense. It’s quite normal, if the tongue hurts after piercing. The needle passes through the longitudinal fibers of the tongue in the same way as it passes through any other tissue. Despite the seeming simplicity, such a procedure requires a significant qualification, since there is a great risk of hitting two large blood arteries in tongue. If the tongue got swollen after piercing, the wound may hurt for some time. A long bar is put for a period of up to 10 days. Then, the desired length of the ornament can be chosen. But in general, this is a normal response of the organism to a foreign body.

Many people have a small cavity in the middle of the tongue. It will be the best place for piercing. It’s quite interesting that the further the hole is made from the tip of the tongue, the more painful and dangerous it will be.
Therefore, one of the issues that bother all extreme fans: how can piercing be removed from the tongue? Everything is much simpler than you think. Special balls on the bar are easily unscrewed and you can remove it without any difficulties. There is a slight hitch: you have to put the ornament back literally within a few hours, since the hole heals almost instantly. If you hesitate, you’ll have to pierce your tongue again.


If you are at a loss in choosing a specialist, you can call several of them first and ask some questions. It will help you find the most skilled master. S/he will pierce your tongue without risk to your health. Remember, the best specialist is the one that avoids danger.

First, ask what kind of experience the master has. If s/he has less than three years of experience, keep calling further. The most important questions are asked further: what is piercing done with and under what conditions are the instruments sterilized? The only right answer in this case is as follows: after cleaning and disinfection, sterilization is performed only in the autoclave, and disposable needles are used for piercing. Be sure to ask whether anesthesia is used for such a procedure.

The real master will confidently answer “no”. Well, in the end, you should ask about the ornament and the possibility of replacing it. A specialist, who knows his business, uses a titanium bar 18-22 mm long at first. You can replace it with a shorter one in a few months. If you are satisfied with the answers to all the questions, you can assume that you have found your master.

There are several other useful tips for choosing a professional piercing studio:

  • It makes sense to ask acquaintances or friends, who have already undergone this procedure, to recommend a specialist or a studio for carrying out such a surgery.
  • Directly in the studio, pay attention to hygiene supplies and, in general, the conditions for tongue piercing. Check nuances of tool sterilization with a specialist. S/he should be glad to tell you about these details. It’s better to ask whether disposable gloves are used by medical personnel.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for a certificate. This is an important document and its absence should make you question the qualifications of the studio.
  • You should also find out whether the staff that carry out piercing are vaccinated against hepatitis B.

In case your demands and questions are reluctantly answered, trying to conceal important facts — it is advisable to contact another piercing studio.


There are some simple requirements and rules that will enable you to survive the wound healing period with the least discomfort:

  1. At first, you shouldn’t eat spicy, solid or sticky food. You should avoid drinking alcohol as well. Alcohol will have an extremely negative impact on the wound, dissolving the tissue that has appeared, causing it to bleed again.
  2. Do not smoke as far as possible.
  3. Teeth should be brushed after each meal. It’s better to rinse your mouth with antiseptic Listerine.
  4. It’s better to eat soft food.
  5. If the tongue piercing doesn’t heal for a long time, use a warm saline solution. It will promote a faster healing of the wound from piercing.

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There is such an intimate issue as kissing. At this time they should abandoned as well. Otherwise, there is a risk of catching an infection. If you noticed any signs of complications, you should immediately make an appointment with a dentist.


First of all, you can use different modifications of bars. Teflon, titanium, surgical steel or gold will be good. At first, some people use labret. This is an ornament used immediately after piercing lips. Thus, the piercing site becomes less noticeable. In order to do this, just turn around the labret with a flat head up.


Piercing is rather affordable. In the overwhelming number of piercing studios, it costs from 1200 to 3000 rubles. The ornament will be much more expensive.

the effects of tongue piercing beautiful tongue piercing tongue piercing how to care for tongue piercing Photo tongue piercing


In most cases, it takes up to 10 days for the wound to heal. In two weeks, the wound should be fully closed. By the way, it is quite difficult to infect the wound. The oral cavity constantly produces antimicrobial peptides that kill bacteria. However, this doesn’t mean that piercing can be neglected.


This procedure can cause a number of complications. You should know about all of them and minimize the risk of their occurrence in every possible way. Undoubtedly, noticing the first negative symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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  • Curved piercing. In this case, there is a big risk of hitting a large blood artery or a vein from below. It causes a great blood loss.
  • Anesthesia. Remember, no professional piercer will make anesthesia when piercing tongue. There is a huge risk of anaphylactic shock, which can cause death. Although tongue piercing is a quite painful procedure, but anesthesia is absolutely unacceptable!
  • Insufficient sterility. There are such piercing studios that have no autoclave for sterilizing jewels and tools. Such negligence and unprofessionalism can result in a number of diseases, including HIV infection that can’t be treated. If the tongue festers after piercing, you should immediately consult a doctor!
  • Improper ornament. If it was unprofessionally chosen, it can both grow into the tongue, and interfere with normal speaking.
  • Problems with teeth and gums. If you wear a too long ornament, it can reduce tooth enamel, significantly weakening your teeth. This problem refers gums as well.

As you can see, tongue piercing, which requires very strict care, is both a simple and extremely responsible procedure.

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