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Paired tattoo for two lovers

Most of the inhabitants of the earth to the question, What is the meaning of life, certainly answer — love. And how can we argue with them? It’s a great feeling at all times was praised by poets, sculptors, painters, and today — and even masters the art of tattoo


What tricks do not go to the boys to see the smile on the face of his girlfriend. As soon as any person trying to love express their feelings in relation to its young people. However, none of the extravagant gift will not be more than the original declaration of love than steam tattoo.

Whether it is necessary to resort to such a serious step as aesthetically pleasing look these tattoos and what do they represent? Let’s deal!


First, logically paired tattoo for two lovers are absolutely identical. The simplest example of such work — the image of wedding rings. But today you can find a lot of exceptions.

Some of the young people portrayed on the body of the name of her lover or beloved, and in this case the tattoos are different. We can be partners tattoos of various shapes. Particularly interesting are the cases when the tattoos depicted symmetrically so close they looked as a whole


Симметричные-парные-тату Парные-тату-на-руках-влюбленныъ Фото-парных-татуировок Фото-парных-тату-для-двоих Фото-парной-татуировки-blackwork

Secondly, the same is the fact that for two pairs tattoo made on the same parts of the body. That is, if one partner tattoo on his forearm, the second does the same place.

Interestingly, the stars of show business and sports are the most common holders pair of tattoos. This kind of work can be contemplated at the Guf and Isa.


most romantic option is considered to be a tattoo in the heart area. For obvious reasons, the location symbol is associated with your partner, in this place, it underlines the strong feelings and loyalty.

Most often these images are selected minor characters: the infinity sign, heart and rings. Equally popular inscription, and not necessarily with the names.

Well, if you and your significant other decide to seal their relationship in such a nice gesture as a steam room tattoo, we present a few ready-made photos and sketches on the subject. What would you have chosen? Write in the comments!

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Photo paired tattoos for couples in love

Красивые-парные-татуировки Парная-тату-love-на-пальцах Парная-татуировка-ноты Парные-знаки-для-влюбленных Парные-тату-в-виде-бесконечности Парные-тату-влюбленных Парные-тату-для-влюбленных Парные-татуировки-влюбленных Парные-татуировки-для-двоих Парные-татуировки-на-животе Парные-татуировки-на-ногах Парные-тату-надписи-на-запястье Парные-тату-на-руках Парные-тату-на-щиколоткеСимметричная-парная-тату

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