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How to make tunnels in the ears?

You always wanted to be different from others? Burning desire to have their own unique and with nothing comparable to the unique style? Treat piercer more than loyal? In this case, you might not be interested in how to make tunnels in the ears. This article will examine in detail all the features of the piercing technology, as well as indicate about the possible consequences and complications.

The style above all else

The tunnel in the ear is, in fact, the most common hole. Its size can vary one and as many as five centimeters in diameter, . However, most of the horror in the eyes of the ignorant person is the process of education. The hole is most commonly done by methodically stretching the earlobe. Painless this process can not be called a well. In most cases, anesthesia is used. When, in fact, the formation of holes in it overlaps the metal tunnel. This decoration looks very impressive and did not notice it well, did not succeed.

How to make tunnels in the ears

This type of piercing is very popular among young people, belonging to different subcultures. «Informal» — chief among them. Guided by the main principle of «separation from the crowd,» they are ready even to such drastic actions.

Fashion pierce not only the ears, but also other parts of the body come to us from Western music subcultures. Back in the early ’80s, this trend clearly discernible especially in reggae performers. In Russia, the fashion for body piercing different parts caught recently.

In turn, the progenitors of the traditions of different parts of body piercing have been and remain the Kenyan and Indonesian tribes. In addition to jewelry, the holes in the ears for them and have no little practical importance in the holes convenient to carry all sorts of things. Thus, this type of piercing for the backward peoples is a kind of pocket. Also of great importance played by the quantity they are drawn very lobe: the larger it is, the more beautiful a woman looks more combative man


Where to begin?

large tunnels in the ears

First, you must clearly understand and answer yourself the question: Why should I? If you intend to make a lasting impression on their friends and acquaintances (that you will certainly achieve), but after a few months to remove this decoration — would be much better if you give up this idea. It needs a cold calculation. If you plan to do this for myself and some of his personal beliefs — you can try. Otherwise it is necessary to sew up tunnels in the ears, especially if they are large. This almost always leads to scarring that will stay with you for life.

Worst fashion hole in the ear can be quite small and almost imperceptible, and just huge. The smallest dimensions of tunnels begin from a few millimeters and terminate these holes, having 50 mm in diameter. Often, people who want to make themselves like decoration choose one of the standard sizes from 8 to 40 mm.

In our country you can buy small tunnels up to 30 mm. If you want a real trash, ordered the tunnels with a large diameter need only abroad.
The tunnels in the ears overgrown, depending on the make a hole. To select the most suitable option for themselves, it is necessary to understand one important caveat — the smaller the hole in the ear you make, the more likely it is overgrown in the event of failure of this kind of piercing

A small hole (up to 1 cm) could overgrown yourself is not fast enough while leaving no trace. Tunnels also more drag, but will leave a «pleasant» memories in the form of a scar. Other business major tunnels. They are not completely overgrown and definitely after they left a big scar.

So if you have decided to make such a decoration, it is recommended to start first with the minimum size. Choose to start the tunnel should be as discreet colors. Even melenky black can be seen from far away.

How to make tunnels in the ears: the basic techniques

Understand yourself an important truth: in any case it is not recommended tunnels yourself! In this case, there is a high risk of infection, the consequences of which you certainly not be happy. In today’s world, the tunnels are not a problem for any piercing salon. Referring to a similar instance, offers a large variety of this type of piercing for every taste and color. In general, the tunnel can be done in several ways, namely:

  • By expanding lobe piercing;
  • The method of cutting lobe;
  • Using a scalpel (this technology still has panching name);

How to stretch the tunnels in the ears, you can read below. The main thing is not to rush and to choose a more suitable option for themselves, the most gentle as possible. The first method is to approach a patient people. At first earlobe piercing done, after which it gradually and methodically stretched. The big advantage of this method is that a person is much easier to determine the final value of the tunnel than with other methods.

Once the master pierced earlobe, he inserts into it an earring. Then, after the healing of the wound is inserted into a special expander. Its diameter is less than 2 mm. After some time, there is another extender has more. This process is accompanied by as long as you do not get the tunnel diameter, which originally wanted. Of course, each step involves wearing extender content of the ear clean and hygienic. With such a stretch to prepare a stable and regular aching pain. How else? Beauty requires sacrifice. However, after a couple of months you will be able to enjoy the fruits of their enthusiasm.

How to make tunnels in the ears by a lobe cut? This technique is simple and fast, but it is extremely painful. It is suitable for those people who are sure in the amount of the tunnel, and want to get it in a few days. However, this method is practiced infrequently.

The latter method is characterized by extreme danger and risk to break the lobe. However, it is necessary in the event that a person has expressed a desire to do it is very large tunnel. Lobe cut with a scalpel. This procedure is performed only with anesthesia and special showrooms! At the same time if you want to return to their former whole lobe, you will have only to sew it. Overgrown its own it will not be able to.

Tunnels in the ears

Consequences of the tunnel in the ear: it is necessary to know first

Now, you have become the lucky owner of this original and extravagant jewelry! However, you will have a few additional options related to security. About them, be aware of their need to adhere to.

Every day, tunnels and ears need to be washed, not only pure water but also an antiseptic until they are completely healed. Small tunnels heal for several weeks.
Quite a lot of people who celebrate the tunnels that at the initial stage it is necessary to wear a hat on his head. Otherwise ears strongly freeze even in relatively warm weather. This is fraught with frequent colds.

Consequences of the tunnel in the ear could be the most unpredictable. The main danger is the suppuration inside of the lobe . Without strong antiseptics are simply not enough.

The other side effects should be made unbearable itching, blistering, and in some embodiments, and sepsis. Of course, it all depends on each person and of his body, but in any case, before making the tunnel should consult a doctor.

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