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Have you always wanted to be different from others? Do you want to have your own unique and incomparable unique style? Do you treat piercing more than loyally? In that case, you were wondering how to do the tunnels in the ears. This article will consider in detail all the features of this piercing technology, as well as indicate possible consequences and complications.


The tunnel in an ear represents, in fact, the most ordinary hole. Its size can vary from one and up to five centimeters in the diameter. However, the most horror in the eyes of an ignorant person is the process of its formation. The hole is usually made by methodically stretching the earlobe. It is impossible to call this process painless in any way.

The anesthesia is used in most cases. A metal tunnel is imposed right after the formation of a hole. This decoration looks very impressive and you will not be able to notice it well.

This kind of piercing is very popular among young people belonging to different subcultures. “Informals” are the main ones. Guided by the main principle of “separation from the crowd” they are ready for such radical actions even.

Fashion to pierce not only ears, but other parts of the body came to us from Western musical subcultures. This trend was clearly evident especially among reggae performers at beginning of the 1980s. The fashion to pierce different parts of the body has got accustomed relatively recently in Russia.

But the progenitors of the tradition of piercing different parts of the body were and remain Kenyan and Indonesian tribes. The holes in the ears for them have not a small practical importance in addition to decoration because it is convenient to carry all sorts of things in the holes. So this kind of piercing for backward nations is a kind of pocket. The great importance to them is the size of stretching of the lobe: the more is the lobe, the more beautiful the woman looks and the more warlike the man.


large tunnels in the ears

First you need to clearly understand and answer yourself to the question: what is it for me? If you intend to make an indelible impression on your friends and acquaintances (which you will certainly achieve), and to remove this decoration after several months — it will be much better if you refuse such an idea. Here we need a cold calculation. If you plan to do this for yourself and some of your personal beliefs — you can try. Otherwise, it is necessary to sew tunnels in the ears, especially if they are large. This almost always leads to the formation of scars, which will remain with you for life.

A very fashionable hole in the ear can be quite small and almost inconspicuous or simply huge. The smallest sizes of tunnels start with a mark of several millimeters and end with real holes that have up to 50 mm in diameter. People who want to make themselves such a decoration often choose one of the standard sizes from 8 to 40 mm.

You can buy small tunnels up to 30 mm on the territory of our country. If you want a real trash, you need to order tunnels with a huge diameter abroad only.

Tunnels in the ears are overgrown depending on the hole. You need to understand one important nuance in order to choose the most suitable option for you — the smaller the hole in the ear you make, the sooner it will grow in case of refusal of this kind of piercing.
A small hole (up to 1 cm) can grow quickly enough without leaving a trace. Tunnels will also be prolonged, but they will leave a «pleasant» memory in the form of a scar. Another thing is the large tunnels. They will not grow completely and after them there will be a large scar for sure.

Therefore, if you decided to make such a decoration, we recommend you to start with the minimum size first. It is better to choose a tunnel for starters also of discreet colors. Even a small black tunnel can be seen from afar.

How to do TUNNELS in the ears: BASIC METHODS

Understand an important truth: it is not recommended to do the tunnels by yourself! There is a high risk of infection in this case, the consequences of which you certainly will not rejoice. The tunnels are not a problem for any piercing salon in the modern world. Applying to such an instance, you will be offered a large selection of this type of piercing for every taste and color. In general, a tunnel can be made in several ways, such as:

  • By expanding the puncture of the lobe;
  • The method of cutting the lobe;
  • Using a scalpel (this technology still has the name punching);

You can read below how to stretch the tunnels in your ears. The main thing is not to rush and choose a more suitable option for you, the most sparing if possible. The first method can be approached by patient people. A puncture of the ear lobe is making first, after which it gradually and methodically stretches. The big plus of this method is that it is much easier for a person to determine the final size of a tunnel than for other methods.

After the master pierced the lobe, he inserts an earring into it. Then a special expander is inserted after the healing of the wound. Its diameter does not exceed 2 mm. After a while another bigger expander is inserting. This process is followed until you get that diameter of the tunnel that you wanted originally. Of course, each stage of wearing the expander involves keeping the ear clean and hygienic. You need to be prepared for a stable and regular aching pain in such way of stretching. How else? Beauty requires sacrifice. However, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your enthusiasm after a couple of months.

How to make tunnels in the ears with the help of a lobe cut? This technique is quite simple and fast, but it is extremely painful. It will suit those people who are absolutely sure of the size of the tunnel and want to receive it in a matter of days. However, this method is rarely practiced.

The last method is characterized by extreme danger and the risk of tearing the lobe. However, it is necessary in the event that a person has expressed a desire to make a very large tunnel. The lobe is cut with a scalpel. This procedure is performed with anesthesia only and in special salons! In this case, if you want to return your old solid lobe, you will only have to sew it. It will not be able to grow on its own.

Tunnels in the ears


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And now, you have become a happy owner of such an original and extravagant decoration! However, you have several additional options related to security. You need to remember them and they must be adhered to.

The tunnels and ears need to be washed every day not only with clean water, but also with antiseptic until they are completely healed.

Small tunnels heal for several weeks.

Quite a lot of people who have made tunnels say that it is necessary to constantly wear a hat on the head at the initial stage.
Otherwise, the ears are very cold even in relatively warm weather. This is already fraught with frequent colds.
The effects of the tunnel in the ear can be most unpredictable. The main danger is the purulence of the inner part of the lobe. You will need the strongest antiseptics for sure.

Among the other side effects, it is necessary to distinguish unbearable itching, the formation of blisters, and sepsis in some cases. Of course, everything depends on each person and his body, however, it is necessary to consult a doctor before making a tunnel in any case.

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