Eyebrow Piercing Ideas, Types, Guide & 20 Photos

How do eyebrow piercing?

Fashion is so extraordinary, that the appearance of certain types of the human body modernization few people are surprised. Piercing various body parts are very popular among young people and not only. Every lover of this hobby wants to make a puncture with some special, interesting and bright decoration.

topical phenomenon is the eyebrow piercing, that is no accident. Any newcomer is not against learn how to make the eyebrow piercing, what items are best used for decoration. Well, let’s try to tell you all the details.

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The whole procedure is carried out in a specialized master cabin. They are called the piercer. The most important in terms of qualification is the right approach to the sterility of equipment and skill in terms of choice, where do puncture. Cotton swab moistened in a special disinfecting solution, which need to rub hands, tools and skin. If you want to make a local anesthetic. The specialist makes a puncture in the first quarter of the eyebrow near the edge of the eye. There are five ways of the puncture. It is recommended not more than one. After healing, the previous one can try again. Heal the wound about 3-6 weeks .

Piercing eyebrow piercing hurt if?

Of course, almost everyone wondering whether to do eyebrow piercing hurt? To put it briefly, it is not very. More precisely, it all depends on your sensitivity threshold.

It may feel mild pain and discomfort. To entice you to the unpleasant sensation of pain can anesthetize the puncture site. For this purpose, a very well-known products: lidocaine, ultrakain . The procedure lasts a few minutes.

Ear Piercing eyebrow — a common decoration. Use special rod-bananas barbells, rings with a ball-clasp. They can be decorated with colorful balls. Everyone picks up on the taste that he loves most. Here you can feel free to try, to experiment. It has the meaning and the metal material of the decoration. The best option is considered Teflon, titanium, gold.

Do not puncture heals — what to do?

Not heal eyebrow piercing? Do not panic! Rinse the punctured place saline smear lavender oil, zinc ointment. We need to eat well, especially use vitamins of group B. Finally, contact your doctor immediately to a dermatologist. Let an expert help you to quickly solve the problem. Treatment at home may be inefficient and ineffective.

Remember that the healing process depends on your care for her. If you do everything right, everything goes well.

Possible side effects

Eyebrow piercing, the consequences of which are different, can be accompanied by various symptoms and problems, namely:

  • There may be side effects: bleeding, redness, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, allergies;
  • There is hypersensitivity in two weeks;
  • Punctures in the middle of the eyebrows and near the bridge of the nose can leave bruising around the eyes, damage the eyesight;
  • You can pull out accidentally decoration and injure skin tissue;
  • If the immune system is weakened, there is a risk of deterioration of the body through the desire to tear decoration;
inflamed eyebrow piercing

The most dangerous may be blood poisoning or getting under the skin infection. Mistakes made at the puncture can be fatal for the health, and in rare cases even life. However, if you are going in a good punctured specialized salon or have a trusted master — nothing to worry about


Removing eyebrow piercing?

To remove the piercing of the eyebrow, you have to remove the pier, and the hole eventually heal itself. If you own does not work, you can ask for help in the cabin or the hospital.

You are familiar with all the ins and outs of eyebrow piercing. Only a professional expert, quality work done and favorable features of your body will give a 100% positive result. Pierces the mind, dear readers!

Photo and video eyebrow piercing

nipple piercing
nipple piercing

Is it worth it to do a puncture in such intimate areas? tell you!

What if festered piercing?

Practical tips and tricks.

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