Lip Piercings - Types, Risks & 35 Photos

Types of lip piercing

Lip piercing is nothing but puncture the lower or upper lip insert for further decoration. It is believed that this type of piercing is practically harmless, because the lips are completely absent nerves and major blood vessels.

Piercing lips Labret — this is the piercing of the lower lip, which was named as the type of decoration for lip piercings — rod with the ball


Separate the two types: Labret Labret horizontal and vertical, which vary by type of punctures and decorations species


Vertical Labret very popular and safe, because in this type of piercing is almost completely absent pain. Besides, it looks pretty juicy. The hole for inserting jewelry runs from the lower lip to the upper border of its limits. Typically, this type of piercing is done directly in the center.

If the puncture is done correctly, it looks neat and wound healing is very fast.
Horizontal Labret gained popularity among people — supporters of facial piercings. Often, the lower lip piercing is done from left to right.

Piercing Monroe, Madonna, and other varieties of Dahlia

  • Piercing Monroe lips — this piercing above the upper lip on the left, which mimics fly Marilyn Monroe’s famous beauty.
  • Piercing Monroe
  • Madonna Piercing pierced as well as Monroe, just «fly» to the right.
  • Madonna Piercing
  • Sometimes that is just two punctures in the form of flies on both sides of the upper lip. This piercing is called Dahlia .
  • Piercing Dahlia
  • Piercing under the lower lip — 2 punctures on both sides is called a snake bite.
  • Piercing snake bite
  • Medusa Piercing is done in the center of the groove of the upper lip, mouth simulating gap.
  • Piercing snake bite
  • Puncture marks Smile lip so that the decoration is visible only when the person smiles.
  • Piercing smiley

Piercing earrings lips

The most used kind of jewelry with lip piercing — Labret. This titanium rod with two screw-balls on the ends. More punctures are applied directly to the lips and circulars ring. For horizontal punctures under or over use mikrobanany lips.

How to make a lip piercing

All the necessary tools for piercing thoroughly disinfected. First of all, a special marker is designated a place for the future of the puncture. Then disinfected lip, then a special needle with a catheter is itself a puncture. Then the needle is withdrawn, and the decoration is inserted into the catheter and left is pulled through the hole in the lip. Very procedure takes 1-2 minutes .

Who wishes to modernize this way your body Interests: piercing lips, whether to do it hurt? We hasten to assure you that lip piercing if implemented by a qualified technician, almost painless .

Piercing lips at home

Puncture lips at home — an economical option, but not safe, if the person does not know how to do it correctly.

  1. Needle for sewing use at home can not be categorically! Puncture can be done only professional equipment.
  2. After removing the needle from the packaging must be sure to disinfect the tools and jewelery.
  3. This is followed by using dry gauze lip.
  4. Begin to make the puncture mouth must be on the inside of her, and in two stages: first to pierce the muscle tissue (half the distance to the outside of the needle outlet); then, when pressed again, the tool tip will appear from the outside (here you can already push the needle by pushing the lip). Care should be taken piercing angle to piercing appeared outside where you have planned.
  5. Now we have to continuously, accurately following the needle, set decoration in the open wound.

How to care for lips piercing?

After the piercing procedure, you must wear the jewelery for at least 2 weeks. Complete healing occurs in 1-2 months. During this time, most likely, you will experience discomfort when talking and eating. Within 3-4 hours after the procedure will need to refrain from eating, drinking and smoking. You can eat ice cream after this time.

How to care for lips piercing

Recommendations for faster healing piercing:

  • During wound closure should not be used in hot food, sweet, sour, spicy, solid. It is necessary to refuse alcohol and it is desirable to refrain from smoking.
  • The healing period is recommended to drink vitamins of group B.
  • After meals rinse your mouth with special antiseptic compounds.
  • Chew food should be with extreme caution so as not to damage the tooth enamel.
  • You can not pull decoration, touching his hands rough and chewed his lips, so as not formed scar. Thus, you can also damage teeth.

Even after complete healing of the wound dressing from a punctured lip must not be removed for more than 1 day. Be sure to go to a specialist if does not heal a lip piercing. When entering of an infection, the puncture site may turn yellow. In this case, immediately contact your doctor.

Many people interested in pressing issue: how to remove the lip piercing? You just need to pull the ornament of a puncture and wait until the hole heal. During the healing process, you can smear overgrown hole cream against scarring.

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