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Beautiful and elegant nails are the hallmark of any woman. It is when you look at them you can tell a lot about its owner. However, even the most unusual manicure is now surprise anyone quite difficult. Therefore, as young girls and older women are resorting to ever more sophisticated methods of improving your body. The increasing popularity is gaining piercing nail.

This service is found in every cabin is still quite difficult, but after a certain period of time and it will cease to be something out of the ordinary. If at this point a similar embodiment of the piercing occurs only occasionally, then very soon it can be seen almost everywhere.

Piercing Photo Nail

The main advantages of the piercing nails

Compared to other types of body piercing, nail piercing can boast a number of beneficial advantages. Therefore, it can make even minor. Thus, the main advantages of this piercing:

  • In contrast to the awful piercing the patient, for example, the lips or tongue, nail piercing is absolutely painless. At the same time bring an infection in the body is possible only if gross negligence masters;
  • For the most part, this type of piercing is done on false nails. So you can not worry about his own nail. Its damage is quite difficult;
  • This type of piercing can be done in the home. Special skills are not required;
  • What kind of jewelry is best suited?

    To another advantage piercing nail can be attributed the fact that you can choose any you liked the decoration in a vast number of them. The most popular of them:

    1. Rings. Here the choice is really huge. Thus they can be both with stones, and with beads. You can use single or double rings. In short, their choice is limited, in fact, your imagination;
    2. Carnations. Used most often made of metal. Also can be the most diverse and intricate shapes of sun and flowers, to the ball and circles. Very popular decorations are decorated in several tiers. In this regard, there are several rings or even the whole chain. Directly attached to the nail are using a kind of bracelet. This stage looks very impressive on long nails.

    As you can see, ornaments options, as well as their varieties abound. What exactly choose depends primarily on you and your personal preferences.

    Prerequisites for nail piercing

    The most important thing — your nails in any case should not break or have a tendency to the foliation . Health here in the first place. Otherwise, it may result in further deterioration of their condition.

    It is also highly important nail size. In short nails piercing look or general will not, or will be, but not spectacular. With the lack of their length it makes sense to conduct the procedure increase. It can be easily done in any beauty salon.
    Often, people who want to do the piercing nails, wondering: what finger it is better to choose?

    Photo nail piercing

    In principle, the use of course can be any. However, at first, the most advisable is to get pierced is pinkie . It is easier to get used to the unusual sensations. Besides, he will not really bother you in everyday life. Later you can use for this purpose any other finger.

    By the choice of varnish also need to also come up with great delicacy. Generally, a piercing on any color varnish will not look good. French manicure, by the way, just perfectly suited for these purposes. That it is possible to make a pre-piercing for.

    To get rid of body piercing is very simple. Unlike complex perforations other body parts, in this case simply as short as possible to trim the nails. On this whole problem would be solved.

    Procedure nail piercing

    Pre-still desirable to make the procedure of strengthening of nails with a special gel or acrylic. Then using a pneumatic gun made a small hole in the nail. After that, put on a selected decoration with the use of forceps. The final touch — securing ringlet pliers. In general, the piercing is done very quickly, very small hole is obtained.

    Although this decoration belongs to the category of harmless, you still need to adhere to a number of simple safety rules. First of all, during any physical labor, it is recommended to remove the piercing. It also makes little sense to hang so very long ornament on the nail. In this case, it is easy to catch and damage in the home.

    Following this simple rules will give you the pleasure of piercing, and others will have a lasting impression!

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