Nipple Piercing - Types, Tips & 18 cool Photos

Nipple Piercing

It is known that the human imagination is boundless, and ways of expression more and more. One of these is a rather unusual and nipple piercings. In this article we will discuss in detail all the nuances of this complex topic.

Many argue that the pros in this procedure is more than enough, for example :

  • High sensitivity and sexual pleasure;
  • Hiding flaws (the bulge of nipples);
  • Human Perception (risky, interesting person);
  • The popularity in the modern environment.

If you decide to decorate your nipples so — you know, it’s going to hurt. Immediately after the procedure, a person may experience sudden tingling. Complete healing of wounds can last up to 4 months. Not only women can make such mistake, but among men there is such a trend. This alone can be very risky for the fairer sex. There are several reasons why do not allow puncture :

  1. Pregnancy;
  2. Chemotherapy;
  3. Diabetes;
  4. Hepatitis;
  5. Gastritis;
  6. Congenital heart defects;
  7. The tendency to rheumatism;
  8. Cutaneous infections, etc.

Nipple piercing: how it is done?

First, please consult your doctor , so as not to jeopardize their health. If there are no worries, you can begin to fulfill the dream. The second step is to choose a good salon with a professional master, who will perform their work with due professionalism. I think it’s logical. After all, why spoil their health, spend time and money on low-quality work?

If all the previous recommendations made, go directly to the process. First disinfect the tools make the tag line and a puncture needle, choosing anesthesia and lead to the nipple stimulation. Next, a procedure should be executed in complete tranquility, not to puncture channel is shifted. After that, add the dressing and all — you are the owner of the fashion «upgrade» your body

It should be understood that such interventions require special care, which we will discuss later, but it is important to understand that the main condition here is the rest.

What kind of jewelry chosen girl with pierced nipples?

The answer is — different, that is pleasant and uplifting. Use the rings, half-rings, shtangochki, shields made of different metals: titanium, acrylic, zirconium, medical steel. Unique items can be purchased at specialty stores.

male nipple piercing

Care piercings include compliance with the rules :

  1. Treat the wound should be morning and evening chlorhexidine, making compresses. It’s simple: on cotton dripped a few drops of medicine, put and stuck a plaster.
  2. Shower can be taken on the fourth day after the puncture, but be sure to pre-apply a bandage;
  3. Do not touch with dirty hands;
  4. Do not wear tight clothing;
  5. Do not go to the solarium, swimming pools, saunas;
  6. Never use Zelenka, iodine, alcohol;
  7. If you feel pain, then it is possible that the infection got into the wound. Wash the puncture and apply ointment levomekol;
  8. Pay attention to your diet: eat more foods that contain B vitamins and zinc;
  9. Do not forget to visit the doctor if your wound does not heal for a long time. Self-medication can be ineffective and even harmful.

You can remove the piercing, if you have something does not suit (for example, a puncture of the curve). But to pierce nipples again, you have to wait for 6 months.

What could be the consequences of a nipple piercing?

Girls can be broken milk ducts , which complicates future breast-feeding. Some people may be formed behind the piercing harmless cyst. It is a real problem with a sensitivity in the breast. And allergy. If the puncture is made the wrong or incorrect treatment — may remain scars. The most dangerous are infected with hepatitis or HIV through non-sterile instruments. Remember, all the individual characteristics of the organism and the immune system.

I think you have seen that there are always two sides of the coin. Along with the advantages, disadvantages and always enough. Only you can decide what to do with your life and body. Just do not forget that life is one, and we always worry about our family. Therefore, be very careful, performing any act in his life. After all, one wrong move and you will become a hostage of his own health — the most valuable. Remember, fashion fashion, beauty beauty, and good feeling, a healthy appearance, a good mood — is the best thing a person can feel.

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