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Nose Piercing

  1. How much does a nose piercing?
  2. To fit?
  3. How to make at home?
  4. Sinus puncture, partitions
  5. How to care?
  6. What process?
  7. What is healing?
  8. Possible consequences
  9. How do I take?

A beautiful nose piercing will add zest and charm, it gives the appearance of elegance and sexuality, focusing on fine facial features. Nose piercing is not as painful as it seems at first glance, but this intervention into the body requires careful preparation:

  • make sure that the blood clotting normally, no chronic heart disease, the common cold and the temperature;
  • abandon hormonal agents including contraceptives;
  • reduce the consumption of coffee, to exclude additives and drugs, including aspirin;
  • per day not to drink alcohol, to avoid blood thinners.

How much does a nose piercing?

Do piercings better in specialized stores with a license and good references. Be sure to sign up for a consultation: the condition and cleanliness of the cabinet, the presence of an autoclave for sterilizing tools will help make the right choice of interior and master. Cost of services varies 600 to 3000 rubles . Not worth saving, and better to order the whole package of services that includes: preparation of the nose piercing, wizard, jewelery, essential drugs


Who goes there?

Photos and videos of the nose piercing

Piercing focuses on the face, so the owners of a long and narrow nose is better to decorate the ear or stomach. If the eyes are large, slanted and expressive, the decoration on the bridge of the nose will look better. Puncture of the nasal septum can afford the owner of lush lips with a clear and beautiful contour. In the legal or medical sector, banks and large corporations piercing becomes a hindrance on the path to a career. Safety in factories and in restaurants is prohibited even rings and chains. Bright earrings for piercing the nose is not always appropriate when dealing with customers, so it’s best to embellish themselves nails with a small pebble .

How to wear piercings in the nose? Treat your hands with an alcohol solution and get the product. New decoration undo and disinfect all parts. You can fluff cream or Vaseline and insert into the hole on the exhale, or holding his breath, another little detail gets into the respiratory system!

Puncture nose at home

Self-piercing done is risky, but if you are confident in their own abilities, not afraid of needles and blood, it is necessary to carefully prepare and purchase materials:

  • three pairs of non-sterile latex gloves;
  • sterile disposable needle for piercing;
  • cotton wool;
  • disinfectant or alcohol;
  • Clamp Piercing;
  • Decoration of titanium or surgical steel suitable size is not too large in diameter and not massive.

Be sure to prepare mentally and examine the process of piercing. Piercing nose, videos which you want to preview, not such a harmless procedure.

Puncture (septum) sinuses

  • Do not do piercing in hot and dry weather, the wound to prevent dust and sweat provoked complications.
  • Mark the place of the puncture a special marker. It is necessary to ensure that the piercing is at the correct distance from the edge of the nose.
  • Sterilize your hands and put on gloves.
  • Sterilize decoration, the puncture from the outside and the inside.
  • Insert a clip, so as not to pierce the needle nose septum.
  • Enter the needle sharp and strong movement.
  • Paste jewelery and treat the wound with alcohol.

The nose after the piercing will be red and sore, a wound can bleed for several days, will tear his eyes. If within a week it will not work, should see a doctor .

How to care for a nose piercing?

After about a month the procedure can not swim in the waters, go to the sauna, fall under the rain, standing on the drafts. Runny nose can complicate treatment and cause inflammation. Decoration should not be removed until complete wound healing, or complications are guaranteed, the product will be hard to wear. At first, it should abandon towels and cosmetics.

The process?

Wipe the puncture should be twice daily with chlorhexidine or miramestenom, saline or a solution of sea salt, a little scrolling decoration, so that the solution got on pirsingovy channel. Clean the piercing with hydrogen peroxide, alcohol or tea tree oil should not be, because they can provoke the appearance of the crust.

What heals the nose after a puncture?

The wound heals 4-10 weeks, if there were no significant complications. The first time will be redness and allocation of yellowish liquid that will be held in two weeks. Decoration can only be removed after six months, it may damage the channel and bring an infection.

nose piercing at home Пирсинг носа последствия пирсинга носа Прокол носа фото Прокол пазухи носа

Possible consequences

If the wrong nose puncture or processing appears granuloma. It is necessary to apply warm compresses several times a day to complete her disappearance. Education in the form of bumps with ulcer should be treated gioksizon or levomekol, wash miramistinom and after will pus oflokainom.

If your nose hurts after a puncture, but with wounds allocated sticky translucent liquid it is necessary to refer to the master or dermatologist. Wipe it with a decoration, especially near the buckle, there is accumulating a lot of bacteria.

If a long time does not heal a nose piercing, you need to see a doctor in order to prevent the appearance of scars kalloidnyh. They are the most dangerous consequence of piercing, so you should not self-medicate. Dr. ascribe injections and ointments, but running the treatment will lead to surgery. In this case, you should take

How to remove the piercing with a nose?

  • disinfect hands;
  • gently undo the latch products;
  • smooth movements pull ornament with holes;
  • treat the wound.

Piercing gives confidence and femininity, but the savings and haste will harm the beauty and health. Pierces the mind, dear readers!

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