History of Body Piercings

The history of piercing

Piercing is a decorative modification of the human body by piercing its individual parts. The metal used to create a hole surgical steel. After complete healing of the wound can be formed to establish themselves ornaments of gold, silver or other metals. Exceptions are nickel and copper, as they can cause oxidative processes. The most popular of all time piercing punctures are:

  • ear;
  • lips;
  • Nose;
  • tongue.

Piercing since time immemorial

In general, the piercer how culture we owe to African tribes and peoples from the shores of Polynesia. One of the first who began to wear ornaments huge lips and ears is a Maasai tribe . In modern times, these techniques are better known to us as the tunnels in the ears and lip piercing. Also, it is believed that the ancient tribes specially mutilate their bodies in order to avoid slavery. There is another assumption: that the different areas of the body piercing was the most match the external shape of the sacred animals . The last statement seems the most plausible.

The history of piercing

Often the degree of puncturing and the value of jewelry testified to the social status of the person. The more — the more authoritarian and considered representative of the tribe. In Roman soldiers were honored pierce his nipples. In this way they stressed their courage and bravery.

navel piercing we owe the women of ancient Egypt. Even then so different priestess of Pharaoh and those close to him the girl. Punctures lobes and cartilage ear was terribly popular phenomenon among American Indian tribes. In general, the presence of these ornaments near the natural orifices of the human body served to scare away evil and non-penetration into the body of evil forces.

If used among peoples practicing piercing culture, this trend seemed like a matter of course, today in our country connoisseurs pronounced puncture only gaining in popularity among the population.

In general, throughout human history piercing I met almost everywhere in people of different professions. It was worn by the women of Southeast Asia, Siberia, Africa, Polynesia. In the Middle Ages the piercing was popular among hunters of different traders and merchants, soldiers, representatives of the oldest profession.

Piercing in the present

history of the emergence of piercing

Modern piercings do mostly for decoration. Significant impetus it has received in its development at the boundary 20-21 centuries. It was then that the piercing has become a real trend. Following the fashion, people did not stop even the most sophisticated body piercings to be in every way similar to their idols and celebrities. Someone is representative of the subculture, professing this style.

More and more people reveal a desire to make a piercing or just, or to integrate into a certain group. Great influence on the piercing of body parts had and to this day have a fashion rock-group, representatives of show business. The youth of today wants to indulge them in almost everything. Piercing in this respect is the little bit of respect for his idol.

Some people claim that the current world is too gray and boring for them. Only through the piercing, they might be a little paint it and add unique notes are perfect for the human body. Who would not say, however, each guided by their personal motives and reasons in relation to the various kinds of puncture.

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