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Festered piercing — what to do?

Fashion is constantly changing, appearing and disappearing different elements of the human body ornaments. Now once again it becomes very cool to do the piercing. Recall that this skin piercing various body parts (belly button, ear, nose, eyebrow) with further decoration. It all depends on what you actually want and how far you can develop your imagination.

It would not be bad if it were not, there were some negative points that I want to talk about now. It goes about the best of all: what if there were complications after this procedure — a sore piercing festers puncture site? It should be emphasized that this is not a cosmetic procedure, and surgical. For sterility, disinfection and rules of care for them — the main components of your future health


festered piercing

But, if with any reason you are faced with the fact that the piercing fester, will try to help you. First we must understand what is the «abscess». Also called abscess . This is a natural process that usually lasts no longer than a couple of days. When regular washing the puncture site, should not be a problem fester and pass quickly enough.

What should pay attention

Some of the rules of treatment of piercing, which festered:

  • You can not handle the wound with hydrogen peroxide, brilliant green, iodine, alcohol, cologne, saline solution, ointment Vishnevsky;
  • Universal rescuers are chlorhexidine, miramistin, levomekol, tetracycline ointment. But remember that you can smear levomekol not until they are healed, but only until the wound stops rot, because it can decrease the rate of regeneration; and tetracycline ointment dries, but not everywhere can be used;
  • If you started the treatment process, first wash the wound, and only then apply the ointment, and not around, and the wound itself. Better do it before bedtime with application of sterile dressings. Do they have to be about 5 times a day, then at least reduce the number of times of healing;
  • Do not forget about personal hygiene;
  • Do not forget about vitamins. Use vitamin C (askorbinka), multivitamins and zinc containing products that accelerate the healing process.
  • But the most important recommendation still have access to a doctor. Only competent specialist will be able to hold you advice and attributed to the funds that you really help. This is the best way!

Modifies! Be beautiful! Just take care of your health — the most valuable thing we have!

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