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tongue piercing

tongue piercing

tongue piercing has been popular since time immemorial. Particularly important, he looked at the tribes of the ancient Aztecs and Mayans. This decoration was done not only for its aesthetic component, but also for ritual ceremonies. Now, almost everywhere you can find pictures of rock art, which depicts the main leaders of the tribe with pierced tongues. And if the first tongue piercing was considered a privilege only for the recognized authorities of a particular society, it has over time like decoration could afford all indiscriminately.

Do not lag behind in this respect, the representatives of the eastern civilization. Sufi fakirs and also do piercing tongue. However, far more interesting interpretation of a tongue piercing look at the Australian aborigines. They believe that such a body modification «released from the body of evil energy» . Thus, as they thought, shamans could communicate with the gods.

What do tongue piercing in modern times? What are the dangers in this, and what to expect from the chosen decorations? All these and many other questions will try to answer in this article.

Beautiful pierced tongue: key features

Nervous may immediately abandon this venture. After piercing the tongue for a few weeks we will have to give up solid food. Fermented foods, very hot or very sweet foods is also unacceptable. OK to talk at first, you will not be able. These inconveniences may cause considerable psychological stress, and that is very likely. To this we must be prepared.

Why do tongue piercings? Mainly to improve their sexuality. Indeed, the quality matched decoration looks very exciting.
In most cases, a puncture is made exactly in the middle of the language. Immediately after that, it is quite likely a small swelling . This is normal and usually within a few days it subsides. Many people wonder: the puncture handle language? The resulting wound is washed Miramistin for several weeks. You can also use hlorogeksidin. Tongue piercing is usually heals for about a month.

How to make a puncture language?


The gun and a catheter for this operation is not already being used. The most advisable to use a special needle for piercing. There are several reasons: firstly, it is readily sterilized, and secondly, the needle is much sharper in the same catheter. This significantly reduces pain.

In no case can not be said that the piercing is painless language. Presented organ of the human body is a essentially the same muscle as, say, the lip. A priori, the pain will be felt. Often it is quite strong. If after a puncture sore tongue — this is quite normal. The needle passes through the longitudinal fibers language in the same way as through any other tissue. Despite its apparent simplicity, this procedure requires uncommon skill, as there is considerable risk to hurt in the language of the two major blood artery. If swollen tongue after a puncture wound can significantly ache. For the period of 10 days, put a long rod, after already applied decoration desired length. But overall, this is a normal reaction to a foreign body.

Many people have a small hollow in the middle of the language. It will be the most appropriate place for the puncture. It is interesting that the further opening is made from the tip of the tongue, the harder and the more dangerous it will be.

Accordingly, no less troubling question of all adventurers: how to remove the tongue piercing? Here, everything is much simpler than you think. Special balls on the bar easily unscrewed without introducing labor for removal of decorations. There is only one BUT: Decoration you must set back in a matter of hours , since the hole heals almost instantly. If promeshkaete, will need to make a new piercing.

How to choose a professional piercer?

If you have difficulty in choosing a specialist, you can pre-call for some of them and ask leading questions. That they allow you to find the most skilled craftsmen. He will carry out a puncture with no risk to your health. Remember, the best specialist is someone who avoids all sorts of dangers.

To begin, ask how people have the experience. If no more than three years, we can call on. Then there are the most important issues: the puncture is made and under what conditions sterilized instruments. The only true answer in this case: after cleaning and disinfection sterilization occurs only in the autoclave, and disposable needles are used to puncture the product. Be sure to ask whether anesthesia is done for such a procedure.

This wizard absolutely confidently answer «no.» So in the end you need to ask about the decoration and the possibility of replacing it. Knowing your craft specialist uses to start a titanium rod 18-22 mm in length. After a few months it will be possible to replace it with a shorter. If the answers satisfy you, you can assume that you have found your master.

There are a few useful tips on choosing a qualified piercer studio:

  • It makes sense to ask a friend or friends who have done such a procedure, to recommend a specialist or a studio for a similar operation.
  • Directly in the studio pay attention to hygiene items and, in general, the conditions for the implementation of a puncture language. Ask nuances sterilization of instruments with a specialist. He should be happy to tell you about these details. It would be nice to ask whether medical personnel disposable gloves are used.
  • In no case do not hesitate to ask you to present a certificate. This is an important document and its absence should make you much doubt in the studio qualification.
  • You should also find out whether employees are vaccinated against hepatitis B, directly operating piercing procedure.
  • If your needs and questions are answered reluctantly, trying to hide important facts — it is advisable to turn to another piercing studio.

    How to care for tongue piercing at home?

    There are a number of simple requirements and rules that allow to go through a period of healing wounds with the least discomfort:

  • Sharp, hard or sticky foods to eat is not necessary at first. From alcohol should also be shielded. Alcohol negatively affect wound appeared dissolving tissue, causing it to bleed again.
  • If possible, do not smoke.
  • Teeth are best cleaned after each meal. It would be nice to rinse the mouth with Listerine antiseptic.
  • Prefer soft food.
  • If does not heal a pierced tongue, use warm saline solution. He will contribute to more rapid healing of wounds from a puncture.

There is also the question of how such a piquant kisses . At this time, they are also worth to abstain. Otherwise there is a risk of catching an infection.
If you have any hints of complications, you should immediately make an appointment with a dentist.

What kind of jewelry suitable for puncture language

The first modification can use various rods. Suitable material Teflon, titanium, surgical steel or gold. At first, some people apply and Labret. This ornament, used immediately after piercing the lips. Thus, the puncture site will be less noticeable. To do this, just turn Labret flat cap to the top.

How much is a tongue piercing?

The procedure will cost you more than the available amount. The vast number of piercing studios «asking» for a similar operation from 1200 to 3000 rubles. Much more will need to pay for itself decoration.

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What it heals the wound puncture?

In most cases, up to 10 days. For two weeks, the wound must be completely tightened. By the way, infect the wound is quite difficult. The oral cavity is constantly producing antimicrobial peptides that kill bacteria. However, this does not mean that a piercing can be treated negligently and carelessly.

Possible consequences of a tongue piercing

Such a procedure is fraught with a number of complications. All of them are useful to know, and in every way to minimize the risk. Undoubtedly, at the first negative symptoms should be immediately seek medical attention .

  • Crooked puncture. In this case, there is great risk to hurt major blood artery or vein from the bottom. As a result — a large blood loss.
  • Anesthesia. Remember, no one professional piercer will not allow myself to make anesthesia for a tongue piercing. There is a huge risk of anaphylactic shock, which can cause even death. Though language is a puncture procedure is not painless, but pain relief is totally unacceptable!
  • Lack of sterility. There were also those piercing studio, where not available autoclave for sterilizing instruments and jewelry. Such negligence and incompetence can lead to a variety of diseases, until HIV infection, treatment is not possible. If the language festers after a puncture — to immediately contact a doctor!
  • Proper decoration. Unprofessional chosen, it can grow into a language, and interfere with normal conversation.
  • The problem with the teeth and gums. Too long jewelry at long wearing able to bring down the tooth enamel, significantly weakening your teeth. This problem also applies to the gums.
  • As you can see, a puncture language care who need very strict, is both simple and very responsible procedure.

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