Tragus piercing types, photos, pros and cons

Tragus piercing


Tragus piercing is very popular nowadays. If even 20 years ago a special spread he had, but now its different salons offer without any problems. Not everyone, however, know what it is, and in this case the puncture. Tragusom called triangular part of the outer ear, which is located exactly in front of the ear.

Another name for this dense cartilage — tragus . Tragus piercing is popular among both youth and adults. Thus it is possible to effectively emphasize its uniqueness, because a small earring beautiful and flashy looks. Most often tragus pierced because:

  • It is beautiful;
  • Emphasize your style;
  • It does not hurt so much when compared with other types of piercing.
  • Now tragusa piercing piercings do not even consider. He is so ordinary and simple process that it can be done at home. In terms of novelty ear tragus piercing is considered to be a very interesting potential for people who want to make a similar decoration.

    To use puncture cannula of small diameter. At the same time it can be both direct and curved. Sam puncture should be performed with great caution, as otherwise there is a serious risk of deep tissue hurt tragus.

    Do puncture tragusa Safe?

    tragus piercing

    tragus piercing ears is fairly safe procedure. Pain at this minimum. If we compare, for example, the pain is felt when the tragus piercing and, say, the nose or mouth, the last body part to pierce much harder. The fact is that in the ear cartilage are no nerve endings, unlike other popular piercing of body parts. That is why this kind of piercing willing to make a person less than 18 years.

    Much more dangerous is not the puncture tragusa, and the total number of holes in the ear. This part of the human body is the most important acupuncture system of our body. In simple words — here there are lots of points that directly affect the normal functioning of the tonsils, tongue, inner ear


    In addition, the extra punctures may adversely affect the nervous system. These warnings should be adopted to anyone who wants to once again pierce the tragus of the ear or the other.

    How to choose earrings for tragusa?

    The choice of earrings for a tragus piercing can not be considered very rich. First of all it affects the small size of the tragus. In terms of jewelry often act ringlet with zipper or small sizes stud earrings. Other, more options overall jewelry will look very unpresentable.

    In addition, they can cause severe pain during the procedure of piercing . Also wearing them can cause significant discomfort.

    The novice amateur suitable earring for tragusa a carnation. At the same time, you can choose from a whole range of different colors. Here, a wide expanse for experiments. Even with time you can try the ring with a clasp.

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