60 3D Tattoo photos and designs for men and women

Volumetric 3D Tattoo

Almost every article I can not stop repeating that the art of painting underwear booming. With the addition of new tools, paints and increasing skill of tattoo artists from time to time there are new styles and old get a second life. Today let’s talk about the 3D tattoos — one of the most complex, rare and painstaking painting lines on the skin


Call volume tattoo complete and independent style difficult. The desire to make the stories of animals, birds, insects and so on. Livelier always existed. But for a long time to do this kind of work was not possible due to its complexity.

3д-тату-бабочка 3д-татуировка-бабочка 3д-татуировка-бант 3д-татуировка-гвозди 3д-татуировка-дракон

Today, 3d tattoo has become a reality. I must say that not every saloon there is a master who is able to perform 3D tattoo spider or a butterfly as was intended by you. Such jobs require high artistic skill, enormous experience and a good imagination.

Looking at the photo 3d tattoos, is sometimes difficult to understand at once, it is tattooed or real being. But this coin has another side.

First, the process of tattooing with a lot of details, colors and effects, as a rule, more painful . Feel depends on the location of the tattoo, but almost always have to master a long time to work on every inch, and the effect on the skin is strong. If you want to imagine the bulk tattoo, be prepared to wait. Despite the issues associated with morbidity in our gallery below the article you will find a lot of photos 3d tattoos for girls, which are sometimes much more actively choose this option to portray on his body or the other picture.

Second, 3d tattooed, usually performed using a large amount of saturated colors. This means that over time, as a result of the tarnishing of paint, you may need correction. But in practice this does not cause difficulties. A small color correction — a common thing for any tattoo parlor


In summary, 3d tattoo — a delightful style, kotorymy will not disappoint you, not others. Carefully choose a thumbnail, and bravely head for the master!

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Photos and designs

фото-3д-татуировок 3д-татуировка-змея 3д-татуировка-карты 3д-татуировка-корни 3д-татуировка-на-плече 3д-татуировка-на-руке 3д-татуировка-паук 3д-татуировка-паук-на-плече 3д-татуировка-скорпион-на-груди 3д-татуировка-след-на-ноге 3д-татуировка-с-пауками 3д-татуировка-шрам 3д-тату-на-груди 3д-тату-карандаш-за-ухом 3д-тату-на-голени 3д-тату-на-голове 3д-тату-на-лопатке 3д-тату-на-ноге 3д-тату-паук фото-3д-татуировки 3д-тату-паук-на-голове фото-3д-тату-пули шокирующая-3д-татуировка 3д тату на стопе 3д тату божья коровка объемная наколка на спину тату объемного стиля тату в стиле 3д 3д татуировка на спине 3д татуировка на руку 3д паук на руке 3д паук на плече 3д тату на руке объёмная тату на бедре объемная тату с паком фото объемной тату тату 3д глаз на лопатке тату 3д мозг на голове тату 3д флаг царапинами тату с 3д пауком тату 3д спираль объемная тату на затылке 3д тату на шее 3д царапины на шее объемная 3д картина 3д тату в виде шва 3д тату на руках 3д татуировка на руке 3д тату на боку 3д тату шов
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