Anime Tattooes: 30 popular plots, Photos and Designs


Anime is one of the most popular genres of animated films, which are common not only among children, but also among young people. Moreover, the popularity of anime in Western countries has led to a new direction in tattooing, the creation of colored and dynamic pictures of famous characters with a certain plot.

Heroes of the manga comics stand out among the characters that were transferred to the tattoo. The plot of the cartoon is built according to the stories of these characters (in comics or short stories). And anime style tattoos don’t only convey exactly all the features of manga characters, computer games or light short stories. They can also acquire new features borrowed from other characters.


The heroes of computer games and serials are among the youngest and the most popular tattoos. “Princess Mononoke” can be noted among the anime series. The main characters are often used in tattoos. “Ferocious Moro” looks original on the arm and it seems that he will come alive and jump out to protect the owner of the tattoo. However, quite often you can see a bright anime tattoo of a girl from Sailor Moon — an ageless classic.

Quite often characters from the series “Gone with the ghosts” are used in tattoos. Guys and girls of all ages watch it. The small ghosts of the forest, the character “coal” and many other interesting heroes migrated from this series to tattoos.
There is no strictly defined size or place for inking tattoos based on films and comics. There is a wide scope of imagination, which is shown individually.


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