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Arab tattoos and their meaning

The history of tattoos in the Middle East and in the Arab countries has deep historical roots. Their name is the sound of the people «daqq», which translates as «knocking, blow.» Other quoted «washm» similar values.

In the rich strata of society tattoos do not accepted, as well as very poor. They are not averse to the medium well and people, farmers and residents of the local tribes.

It is believed that the Middle East Arabic tattoo is divided into medical (magic) and decorative. Rampant medical tattoos that are applied to the affected area, sometimes at the same time reading the Koran, although to do so is prohibited . Women used magical tattoo to keep the love in the family, or for the protection of children from harm. In men, they are located in the upper parts of the body, women in the bottom and on the face. Women are prohibited from showing signs of someone other than her husband. Sometimes there are traditions of tattooing babies a few weeks old. These tattoos have a protective or a prophetic promise.

tattoo artist — usually women. A color graphics themselves are always blue. Fairly widespread geometric motifs and natural ornaments. Making a tattoo with the image of a living strictly prohibited. Making permanent tattoo clearly prohibited by faith. They mean change Allah’s creation — man — and his own elevation invalid. But to create their henna paste or stickers is quite possible, as this is a temporary phenomenon can be removed, and it does not change the color of the skin.

True believers will not do permanent designs on the body. Tattooed on a permanent basis in the Arab countries people do non-Muslim faith. For example, Christians, Buddhists, or atheists, people of the ancient tribes. Muslims also believe their sin and paganism.

The Arabic language is really quite complicated, tattoo inscriptions in Arabic are not always translate clearly, so if there was a need to make sense of such a tattoo, you need to find the exact translation and the correct spelling of the phrase, in consultation with a competent native speakers.

Arabic phrases written from right to left. They seemed to relate that from an aesthetic point of view, the inscription gives a special charm. As we have said, it is best to turn to the media or serious connoisseurs of language. Arabic inscriptions are often seen in Europe. This is due not only to the number of migrants from the southern states, but also the rapid popularization of the Arabic culture and language.

Arabic inscriptions with translation

He knows no fear جريء
Eternal love حب أبدي
Life is Beautiful قلبي على قلبك
My thoughts absorb the silence الصمت يغرق في افكاري
Live today, forget about tomorrow عِش اليوم وإنس الغد
I will always love you وسوف احبك الى الابد
Gd loves gentleness (kindness) in all cases! ن الله يحبّ الرِّفْقَ في الأمر كله
Heart rusts like iron! They asked: «Why should it be cleaned?» He replied: «remembrance of the Most High!» ن هذه القُلُوبَ تَصْدَأ كما يَصْدَأ الحديد، قيل فما جلاَؤها‏؟‏ قَالَ‏:‏ ذكْرُ الله، وتلاَوة القرآن
I love you وأنا أحبك

Photos and designs

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