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The Baroque style arose as an opposition to strict rationalism. The word is of Italian origin, which can be translated as «addiction to excess.» This style is distinguished by dynamic and catchy drawings, rich colors, luxury and greatness.

This direction has found its worthy place in architecture, fiction, women’s clothing, jewelry, music, painting, as well as other areas of art. Today Baroque can rightfully be considered the most striking style of the Renaissance. Baroque managed to penetrate not only in various spheres of art, but also create its own independent style in the field of tattoos.

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It is possible to distinguish baroque style in tattoos by the same features that were mentioned above, namely:

  • extreme luxury;
  • wealth of patterns
  • complex ornament;
  • combination of various forms.

A distinctive feature of this style is a body image which imitates lace. The work done by an experienced master looks very realistic. This is especially noticeable if the image is tattooed on the wrist or neck. Abstract drawings are typical for tattoos in the Baroque style, which are often chosen by a person as a decoration of their body.

In addition to abstract images, you can tattoo the image of an original flower or butterfly, a bird or any animal. All this is done by the master in a complex combination of the original patterns, plant elements and complex ornaments. An image of an owl, a deer, a peacock, roses and lilies can be often found within this tattoo concept. The choice of the drawing depends on the wishes of the person and the abilities of the master. A professional tattoo artist can turn a simple, at first sight, animal into an amazing picture that will be filled with amazing ornaments and luxurious forms of baroque. The choice of a drawing for this style can only be limited due to the wishes of the client or the imagination of the master. Features of this style allow you to place one tattoo covering several parts of the body.

By choosing a Baroque style, a person will necessarily draw attention to himself from people passing by and will stand out from the crowd of people around him.

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