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Tattoos in biomechanics and cyberpunk styles

Biomechanics — the original style of the native paintings, attracts high skill and realism. In the article we will tell you which part of the body is best to choose and provide a wonderful selection of photos and sketches of tattoos for men and girls.

The progenitor of biomechanics was an outrageous artist named Hans Rudolf Giger from Switzerland. Under impressions from the books of horrors of American Lovecraft Howard and the constant nightmares on the canvas, he gave the person a new look. In the paintings, men and women became part of a complex mechanism with numerous tubes, plates and other details. His picture «Angels of Hell», where winged demons from darkness rush to the motorcyclist, became an emblem for bikers. In their circle it was prestigious to decorate the body with Hans sketches.

Tattoos in the style of biomechanics became popular after the release of the film «Alien» in 1979, it was made on the basis of illustrations by the artist. After the movie «Terminator», many men began to stuff steel muscles and metal tubes instead of bones to give the image of masculinity and brutality.

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The first native pictures were not too realistic and were applied exclusively with the help of gray and black pigments. However, every year the drawings became more voluminous. With the development of technology, masters began to add more small parts, expand the color palette, more carefully handle the face of the skin and tattoos.

There was an impression that the flesh had indeed been placed in a mechanism and attached to bones and veins so as not to disrupt the functioning of the body. Biomechanics is a complex style, so the procedure can last for several dozen sessions. It is important to correctly draw shadows, glare and penumbra, create the necessary contrast, correctly select the color gamut, pay special attention to detail.

Male tattoos in biomechanics

Body paintings in the style of biomechanics do not symbolize anything, they create an image of invincibility and supernatural steel strength. Men look bold and brutal, focuses on high physical abilities. If you select the right image, you can emphasize the amount of your muscles or increase them a little.

Biomechanics should occupy a significant part of the body in order to obtain the desired effect. An excellent canvas is considered a leg where it is possible to clearly draw a small and large detail, it is easy to give volume due to the relief of the body. Particular attention should be paid to the edge of the skin that has been cut off or burned while installing the engine or chain of parts. From its realism depends the beauty of the whole picture. The skin can be curled, hang dangling shreds, have a bleeding wound, with the edges stuck together or pulled together by a metal rod. Interestingly, but frustratingly look sticking spokes or sharp elements that have broken through the skin.

A tattoo of biomechanics on the shoulder and forearm looks good. Here you can depict muscles with the help of metal plates, the work of a complex mechanism. The drawing can be extended to the chest, shoulder blades and to the hand or use fingers. The muscular body looks great and voluminous parts, wide belts and plates, levers and springs, frames and springs.

For tall and thin guys, you can pick up pictures with smaller elements, play with color, work on depth. If you correctly draw an image, you can slightly increase the muscles. It is not necessary to fill two details, it is better to fit the whole process of the mechanism on the selected site. A few pins and bolts can visually reduce the muscles.

Sketches of tatu sleeves in the style of biomechanics are slightly different from the others, because the pattern will be applied to a narrow and long canvas. You can beautifully depict the elbow or mechanism for the movement of the fingers. Give a picture of the brightness of the skin strip, veins and tendons, interwoven with various details. The shin is also a great canvas for realistic pictures, they can be applied both on the back part and around the foot. It is interesting to look at the drawings from foot to hip.

Heart tattoo in the style of biomechanics is chosen by a significant proportion of men. On the chest, where the real organ is located, there is enough room for the most vivid and extraordinary fantasies. Scamper characters stuff a picture on the neck, prolonging on the head, to the ears or shoulders.

Biomechanics for girls

The biomechanics or cyber mechanics tattoo looks too rude and frightening, therefore not every lady can so «shred» the ideal body. However, non-ordinary personalities choose this style. Well look at the pictures on the side, «opening» the surrounding metal ribs and small tubes with wiring. Girls place a fragment of the mechanism on the arm or leg. If you add more colors and round elements, and the hoses give flexibility, you can get a pretty feminine and exclusive picture.

Photos of tattoos biomechanics

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On forearm


On arms


On the back


On legs


On shoulders

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On the calf




On the chest


On Brushes


More for legs

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Skin rupture

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Sketches and designs in biomechanics

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