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Now, let’s talk about one of the most mysterious, avant-garde and fascinating styles in tattoo art – blackwork.Тату-в-стиле-blackwork-на-груди Looking at the fans of this style, in memory certainly an association with the work of national artist Kazimir Malevich and his famous work.

As well as Black Square at the time brought rustle in painting, in the style of tattoos blekvork not leave anyone indifferent. Looking at photos of tattoos, the people there are different, sometimes opposing emotions. Someone scare entirely painted in black areas of the body, who does not understand the artistic value of patterns, many admired aesthetic of simplicity and minimalism.

In any case, let’s see what so attracts hundreds of thousands of people in such seemingly simple stories.


First of all, blackwork tattoo — original and interesting style. The beauty and aesthetics of simple forms — about how you can describe the main themes relating to this area. The three most common types of tattoos can be identified:

  • Geometric figures
  • Patterns
  • Fully shaded areas of the body

Most of the tattoo style blekvork is a combination of all these elements. Ensure that you can easily, carefully reviewing the photo at the bottom of the page. The main attribute of this style — black. Already from the name it becomes clear that> any picture runs saturated black color . Often blackwork works there are elements dotwork — image points. They can be read on our website.

In the second place, this style may be of interest to those who want to close or fix the old tattoo. Black absorbs all the others easily, so that would not be shown on your TV, the picture in the style of blackwork easily override any flaws.

Look for blackwork tattoo closer! It’s really impressive. What do you think?

Photos and designs

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