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Celtic Tattoo Meaning

The Celtic designs are impressive with beautiful and endless lines, imbued with deep meaning of the ancient tribes. In this article we will tell about the importance of wearable artworks, which images are most suitable for men and women. A selection of photos and sketches will help to visually appreciate the beauty and magnetism of each image.

The intricate designs were part of Celtic culture. Ancient tribes applied them to the weapons, clothes, dishes, walls of temples. Each ornament has its own meaning, but most of the value is lost forever. Irish monks in 800 AD created the manuscript «Book of Kells», which captured all the ornaments, redraw them with stones, household items, jewelry, metal products.

The Celts were skilled, but fierce warriors, attacked the neighboring nations to expand their land and increase prosperity. Despite the violence, they were wise, and believed in the rebirth of the soul. On the battlefield, the Celts seemed to transform into animals, frightened enemy their courage, cries and strange undergarments images.

The culture of the conquered states influenced the Celtic tattoo designs and their meanings, especially coming under the influence of Christianity. Each ornament intertwined Slavic, Byzantine, Indic motives. In the 20th century, many wearable pictures have several meanings and attract not only symbolic, but also the beauty, the perfection of the lines.


Tattoos Celtic style seemingly composed of several elements: whorls, loops, intricate knots, spirals, geometric shapes, resembling wicker basket of different forms . If you look closely, each pattern — one line, and its end is connected with the beginning. For this reason, almost all the pictures mean infinity, a close relationship with all living creatures of the universe, the earth with the sky, the constant cycle of life, because the tribes believed that a person can survive several deaths and come back to earth. Among Celtic tattoos have amulets and talismans.

The oldest image:

  • Celtic tattoo network. It may be within the image or frame it symbolizes the unity of the spiritual and the earthly journey.
  • Medallion — a strong defense, depending on the elements attracts friendship or love. Image versatile, as it can be worn not only on the body but also in your pocket, using a stick. If we believe in its symbolism, then it increases the power of the years.
  • Celtic mascot — a symbol of prosperity, good luck and health, often applied to bring financial prosperity.
  • Spiral, mainly triple means spiritual growth, with the advent of Christianity symbolizes the Trinity.
  • Celtic tattoo knots resemble the infinity sign and represent the unity of the spiritual and the material world, eternity, perfection and power. It may be a single pattern or an additional element in a pattern. he is often credited with magical properties. Triangular node — a symbol of the Holy Trinity of the Christians or the triple goddess of the Gentiles, and may represent the unity of mind, body and soul.

  • Celtic tree of life tattoo is one of the greatest paintings, applied mainly on the upper back, suitable for women and men. Perhaps it is not an ancient symbol, as has been shown only in the book of Irish monks. Coming under the influence of Christianity, the sign became a symbol of the knowledge of good and evil. Celts symbolized tree with wisdom, comprehension of truth and the cycle of life. The picture portrayed so that the roots intertwined with branches, forming a circle of the sun. Many believe that it is of a religious nature, but more often it is meant the love of life and continuous way. The soldiers believed that the souls trapped in the sky, be sure to return to the land and it will last forever. Near the tree warlike people conducted ceremonies installed crosses. These places were considered sacred, even the Christians there are often built their Church.
  • Celtic bracelet tattoo — the intricate patterns, and in the center is a heart with a crown devotion supported with two hands. Image considered node represents love and pure feelings, friendship and loyalty, symbolizes the spiritual closeness of the two men. The tattoo will look spectacular on the hand.
  • Tattoo Celtic cross signifies the unity of the 4 elements and is considered the most ancient symbol. It ends a little expanded: just increase the boundaries of consciousness. Around plexus lines depicted circle — a sign of the sun, which is always revered by the ancient tribes. The cross has become popular with the help of St. Patrick, when he tried to attach the Irish to Christianity. Because the two opposing religions turned out confusion within the meaning of uncommon conflicting symbolism. Catholics believe that the cross — the divine and infinite love for humanity, the Celtic priests attached to his phallic symbols, personifying with fertility and prosperity. Underwear picture helps to cope with adversity, increases inner strength. Celtic cross tattoo on the arm or back looks original girls and men.

cross tattoo

Flora and fauna in Celtic tattoos

Soldiers on the battlefield trying to transform into beasts. They believed that animals inherit temperament can only be through food, so before the battle they drank the blood of the wolf to be brave and hardy, and ate the meat of wild boar, to get his ferocity and strength. Celtic tattoo animals saturated with this symbolism, but in a more positive tint.

Deer — courage, generosity and prosperity. He was regarded as the sun personified animals and degenerative heart, because it resets the horn (tree of life), and in their place new ones grow. They nailed at the entrance to the house to attract wealth. God often came down to earth in the form of a white deer to help the hero in search of truth.

Celtic tattoo dolphin — the conductor of the soul to the sacred island, the spiritual world, as well as the defender of travelers and sailors. He was considered the goddess assistant, pointing the way on earth and in heaven. Fish from the warlike tribe of the priests were a symbol of the highest wisdom. They were companions of the ancient god of Leer, the lord of the oceans. Water expanses, they were compared with the universe.

The Celtic dragon tattoo — a symbol of power. The tribe considered them visionaries and guardians of the portals to another world.

The priests of the Celts (druids) were worn under the drawings on all visible parts of the body: face, hands, shoulders. The main niche occupy bird — a symbol of freedom and spiritual divination, but they symbolized and death, as first flew after the battle to take the souls of the dead and carry on the sky. The value of the birds is very varied: pheasant crows and helped see the future, the peacock was a symbol of purity, dove — love and spirituality, duck contributed to the unification of earth and heaven. Warriors stuffed heron image to battle not to lose vigilance, or a partridge for cunning and wit.

Shamrock (clover with three leaves) — part of the Irish culture. Mainly it refers to the love of Ireland and its traditions, but it is associated with the Catholics of the Holy Trinity. Clover with four leaves — a symbol of faith, love and hope with luck, may be supplemented by other characters (horseshoe, cards, money)


Tattoos Celtic style for men — strength and character
Men choose large pectoral picture. Stuffing Mens Celtic tattoo on the back, you can emphasize their determination and courage. The picture looks very impressive on a muscular body. For skinny guys can pick up an image that visually increase muscle, but they are not desirable to apply to the front part of the foot and from the elbow to the wrist.

The ornament will look great on your shoulder, neck and arm. Men choose a simple Celtic designs, dragons, crosses, the tree of life, predators, at least — dogs


Women’s tattoos

Celtic style

Miniature wearable pictures do not look as beautiful as great. Woven and twisted lines are usually in close contact with each other and can merge into a black spot, but you can pick up and tidy uzorchiki. When choosing a site for body image should think about longevity tattoo . Stretching, scarred and withered skin, it can become distorted and lose appeal. Celtic tattoo original look on the shoulder, upper arm, ankle, back, arm.

Beautifully looks like a Celtic sun in a circle, the center of which intertwine intricate spiral with knots. On the back looks perfectly symmetrical pattern, resembling fishnet wings. Often the girls stuffed dogs image. Picture protects against all evil, it is a symbol of care and loyalty.

Тату кельтское сердце

Celtic tattoo horse, spirit of fertility goddesses, brings beauty and gives vitality, secret knowledge, indomitable. Usually it is placed on his back, shoulder and head depict only. Ancient tribes personified animal with speed and movement.

The Hare — a sacred animal, the companion of the moon goddess, brings prosperity, abundance, adds strength and health of young mothers. The tribes believed that it weaves the fate of man. Exquisitely butterfly looks, especially in the ankle or shoulder. It is often portrayed small size and elegant with beautiful wings.

Though Celtic tattoos predominant black and gray colors, the girls can complement the picture a different shade, make it more feminine. If you choose wisely openwork ornaments, you can emphasize its uniqueness.

Photos and designs

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