55 Chicano Tattoos - Photos, Designs for men and women

Tattoo style Chicano (chicano tattoo)

The current value of the tattoos in the style of Chicano practically does not relate to the original meaning, which first invested in them owners. After the Chicano — it’s quite a specific culture that has its place on the world map and its own unique symbols


You can find information in the network that the first time these tattoos began to appear in the forties of the last century in the southern US states. In fact, they were made by those who were called «Latinos» — refugees from Mexico and other Latin American countries. Since then, the Latin American diaspora grew steadily, and almost all the southern states began to consist of representatives of half of South America.

Tattoos Chicano — sign of gang . They applied mainly to carry themselves to this or that group. Many bands have their slogans, symbols and rules. Perhaps the tattoo was part of the ritual of initiation.

Today, especially in Europe and the CIS, tattoo style Chicano do not have any connection with the criminal world . They have degenerated into a separate artistic style that is gaining increasingly popular in the most ordinary fans of tattoo art. For example, our collection of photos and sketches you can see that the most popular are sexual images of girls, interesting inscriptions, various collages. However, vote for yourself!

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Photos and designs

Эскиз-тату-Чикано-19 Эскиз-тату-Чикано-18 Эскиз-тату-Чикано-17 Эскиз-тату-Чикано-16 Эскиз-тату-Чикано-15 Эскиз-тату-Чикано-14 Эскиз-тату-Чикано-13 Эскиз-тату-Чикано-12 Эскиз-тату-Чикано-11 Эскиз-тату-Чикано-10

Эскиз-тату-Чикано-8 Эскиз-тату-Чикано-7 Эскиз-тату-Чикано-6 Эскиз-тату-Чикано-5 Эскиз-тату-Чикано-4 Эскиз-тату-Чикано-2 эскиз-для-татуировки-чикано Чикано-стиль-тату фото-тату-чикано Фото-тату-в-стиле-Чикано-на-руке Фото-тату-в-стиле-чикано Тату-стиля-чикано Тату-с-девушкой Татуировка-чикано-на-ноге Татуировка-чикано-на-голени Татуировка-чикано-на-боку Татуировка-чикано Татуировка-с-девушкой Татуировка-девушки-в-стиле-чикано эскиз тату чикано 22 девушка-в-стиле-Чикано Идея-для-татуировки-в-стиле-Чикано идея-для-татуировки-чикано Идея-для-тату-Чикано Идея-тату-чикано Интересная-тату-в-стиле-чикано Интересная-татуировка-с-девушкой Набросок-для-тату-чикано Наколка-в-стиле-чикано Рисунок-в-стио рисунок-девушки Рисунок-мужчины-в-стиле-чикано Рисунок-тату-в-стиле-чикано Тату-в-стиле-чикано Татуировка-девушка Эскиз тату чикано 23 Эскиз тату чикано 24 Эскиз тату чикано 25 Эскиз тату чикано 26 Эскиз тату чикано 27 Эскиз тату чикано 28 Эскиз-тату-Чикано-27 Эскиз-тату-Чикано-26 Эскиз-тату-Чикано-25 Эскиз-тату-Чикано-23 Эскиз-тату-Чикано-22чикано
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