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Photos, sketches and significance of tattoos in the style dotwork

With the advent of the first Russian artists doing tattoo dotvork style, this trend has got its fans and is growing rapidly for many years. Word dotvork (dotwork) is formed, it is not difficult to guess from two words: the point and work, and the very name of the style can be roughly translated as spot work


As you may have realized its key feature is that any picture is done by points. The tighter they are located to each other, the darker and denser will outline drawing. I recommend to compare with the style dotvork blackwork! See the article and write in the comments what you like best!


It may seem that dotvork tattoo — a relatively new phenomenon, but in fact, the roots of this art go to the cultural traditions of African tribes, the people of China, Tibet and India. Echoes of this course can be found even in the old school tattoo, so that there is no clear boundaries and can not be.

Classic dotvork tattoo, it is certainly a point pattern, different geometric shapes and patterns . Once again, in a similar style, you can perform almost any picture from seemingly unpretentious character portraits to the volume.

The main feature of this style with the artist’s point of view is its incredible painstaking. Looking at the sketches and photos of tattoos in dotvork style, you can imagine how much time is spent on each such work. Thousands and thousands of points that make up a single story — an incredibly beautiful and disturbing the imagination of art


Today, the real masters dotwork in our country is not so much, as a rule, in the search for high-quality work has to go to the big cities, but the result is definitely worth it!

Photos and designs

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