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Recently, ethnic types of tattoos have gained special popularity. The history of the genesis of this genre begins from the earliest times, when the pictures were popular with Byzantines, Scythians, Celts and other peoples.

Ethnic tattoos are voluminous and have many different images. Our ancestors inked their bodies with patterns and left marks that told about the achievements of a man. Thus, it was possible to determine the status of a person in society. The following peculiar styles have been formed for many years:

The name of the style is determined by the images that were borrowed from specific peoples. Scythian ethnic tattoos are very vivid and original. Most tattoos were invented by modern tattoo artists, but they are based on the true culture of this people. A good example is the body of the tribal chief, who was discovered during excavations in the Altai. It was covered with various beautiful paintings, among which the most prominent was a lion-griffon inked on his chest.

Ornaments of Celtic culture are also very popular today. This style was constantly influenced by other traditions, which had a slight effect on its formation. Typical images for this direction of tattoos are leaves and other elements of all kinds of plants, which are harmoniously combined with the images of animals.

In the photos and sketches of Indian ethnic tattoos, pictures of cows, elephants, and Hindu deities can be observed. Tattoos of Papuans from New Guinea depict simple images. Combined, they create the whole picture. Maori direction is characterized by images with a large number of loops and curls, which create rounded patterns.


It’s important to say that ethnic tattoos are characterized by symbolism. Certain images of each people could have a semantic load. Ravens could mean death according to some people’s beliefs. A shark was a sign of power. The image of the moon on one hand could symbolize femininity. Today, the importance of tattoos in ethnic groups is often not given special attention. Everyone can ink his body with the chosen tattoo, the motif of which the artist can relate to the symbolism of ancient people and modern fashion.

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