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Geometric tattoo

The most progressive tattooing style, which every day takes on new forms, can be called the image using the geometrical tracings. If you view the thumbnails of tattoos this direction, you can see the diversity of style, which stands out against the background of non-standard solutions of conventional shapes. To create an original tattoo geometry, it is necessary to compose the standard geometric elements in the unusual image with abstract elements. This genre in the field of tattoos allows you to experiment and play lines and shapes.

To perform a tattoo sketch in the style of the geometry, you need to make some effort. However, the result will definitely look very original. The process of application should be performed by professional artists. This is because even the smallest error in the performance of tattoos may cause harm to the integrity of the image. Only an experienced tattoo artist will not only without the slightest distortion and in full compliance with the thumbnail image to fill, but also create their own story.

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style Features

The basis of the geometric tattoos is interlacing lines for a particular template , which are collected into one whole picture. Today, these tattoos are very popular. This is like the original drawing, and a mysterious sense, which hides a linear, angular images. Geometric shapes in a tattoo may have different meanings. This figure is a triangle can symbolize:

  • marriage;
  • Fire;
  • balance;
  • mean by the number 3.

The tattoo artist with high skills can easily alter the style of a conventional image of a flower or an animal. This filigree work will bring joy to those around them and to attract attention. The tattoos in this direction very often used broken, curved, straight and other lines. With their help, the tattoo artist can create any pattern is not the body.

Tattoos that are performed with the help of geometry style, are bright and beautiful expression of the internal world of the owner. Site selection for tattooing, as a rule, is not limited to one part of the body and captures large arrays, such as the chest, together with the neck or abdomen with the thighs.


drawing lines

тату орнаменты

The mix of different styles, a characteristic simplicity and straightforwardness

Photos and designs

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