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Gothic tattoos

The Gothic style in art is rooted in the culture of the European countries XII-XVI centuries. For a long time the medieval art, which was later called «Gothic» was considered barbaric. This word first associated with the architecture and sculpture , but in our time, some elements of the artistic direction and penetrated into the art of tattooing.

If we talk about the most common things that the most popular expression of Gothic culture in the tattoo is a font. You can easily make up any word or phrase using the alphabet gothic font for tattoos.


But, of course, so the style of the age could not be shown in only one font. Fans of Gothic depict on their body mass typical scenes that have similar elements. If we talk about the colors that is primarily black and red. Modern goths adhere to a fairly dark image not only in clothes, hair and makeup, but also in tattoos.

In addition, very often depicted gothic tattoos with designs, ornaments and other artistic elements, which are used in the architecture. Among the classical subjects can distinguish the image of the wings, fallen angel, bat, gothic cross. In the meantime, some interesting photos of tattoos in the Gothic style. How do you?

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