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Tattoos in graphic style

The black and white graphics is a new trend, which was formed abroad at the end of the last century. The beginning of the birth of this technique is considered to be 2000, when opened the East River Tattoo Studio. Only in the last five years, schedule gained special popularity among tattoo enthusiasts. This is due to the active dissemination of punk theme.

The formation of the characteristics of this type of tattoos has made a direct impact of postmodernism and reflections on the beautiful graphic design. Tattoos in graphic style — a favorite type of image designers and artists, most blizakih to art

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The characteristics

At first glance, the chart may be a style similar to Blackjack End Gray or Chicano. However, when we look at photos and sketches can be seen notable distinguishing features. The unifying feature is the use of these genres of black color, but in the style of tattoos graphics have a special tamping technology pattern on the body. Here, each picture apply dashes . At this time are hard shadows and are indicated by clear contours of image details. Another striking feature of style is the color saturation. Graphics does not provide for the use of halftones and based only on monochrome.

If we consider the technical performance, the work in this style is very difficult. All items necessary to carry out the hatch parallel to each other and at the same time it should be different in length and placed in a chaotic manner. Performing rounded shading and complex shapes may require completion of art courses.

Subject line for figures in this style are vintage prints. Most often, the master of the genre depict:

  • insects;
  • animals;
  • birds;
  • elements of the plant world;
  • weapon;
  • skulls and skeletons.

Among the most popular can be distinguished wolf image, dragonfly and rose bushes. Skilled craftsmen are able to cover the entire drawing back, chest or side, as well as perform a brilliant tattoos depicting human faces in this unusual style.


drawing lines


Small images and symbols

Photos and designs

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