36 Gravure Tattoos - Photos, Designs for men and women

Engraving in tattoo

The method of applying the image using a print picture made on metal, wood or other materials, called etching. The earliest images in this style began to appear as early as the 6th century. Their quality and complexity are quite primitive, but the technique was improved over time, and the patterns became more elaborate.

Today, engraving can be seen as one of the types of stylish tattoo. It will look good on the body of the owner, regardless of their chosen style of clothing, giving you no sense any frills or pathos. This headdress is the best choice for those who want to get at the same time elegant and simple way.

style Features

Tattoo in engraving retained all the features of this type of art. Here, the image is applied to the body in black, and fine lines and shading are carried out very carefully. Thus, tattooed represented as a printed pattern. Tattoo in this style should not have bulky items or fuzzy contours . The main motives for this trend are selected:

  • medieval image;
  • Plants;
  • Knights;
  • images from mythology;
  • ships;
  • skeletons.

Popular Women’s Style

тату орнаменты

The mix of different styles, a characteristic simplicity and straightforwardness

Photos and designs

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