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Haida style tattoos are characterized by a special style of drawing, as well as bizarre and unusual images. Earlier the drawing that was performed in this style indicated the social background of a person and his position in society. Judging from the tattoo, one could understand the relationship of a person with the tribe in which he lived or with which he was at odds. Also people could see the history of person’s family and know about all its features. Nowadays tribal painting fans pay special attention to Haida style tattoo. This is because colorful and original drawing on the body not only looks good, but also conveys certain meaning the secret of which is known only by its owner.

Tattoo in Haida style are most often done with the usage of basic colors which reflect certain meaning and determine the value of Haida tattoo for their owners. In most cases these are the following four colors in such tattoos:

  • blue — the sky;
  • red — blood;
  • black — earth;
  • green — grass.

It is believed that without these colors and without the meaning that they convey, it is impossible to live free and to be creative. An experienced tattoo artist can turn a simple sketch into a marvelous masterpiece of body art with the help of this art movement.
A person who wants to get a Haida style tattoo on his body will bring changes and long-awaited joy into his life. Such tattoos will be able to highlight the individuality of its owner and draw the attention of other people to him.

With the help of these ornamental images the Indians were able to protect themselves from troubles and unfavorable situations. That is why today such image can serve as an ancient talisman which will protect its owner from unforeseen circumstances with incredible force.

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