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Hendpouk tattoo

At one time were very popular homemade tattoos, which can be performed even by unskilled master. Today, all the tattoos that are performed without special equipment and does not contain complex images are combined in style Hendpouk. This genre is very often work novice master, who need the practice.

They decide to work in this direction in order to gain experience and often make the tattoos themselves, their friends or acquaintances. Very often, these images can be seen on the body of the young people who want to show their individuality under the influence of various subcultures.

хендпоук тату

The technique of tattooing began only relatively recently carried out by special equipment. Prior to that used different means, including a sewing needle can be considered a classic version. In some tribes today can see a stone or bone needle into the hands of local craftsmen. Very often you can find artists who applied to rough images , thus supporting this trend wearable pictures.

To hendpouk style tattoos are not characterized by the presence of different colors. As a rule, they are performed by beginners or young people who spontaneously decide to fill his tattoo on the body. That is why the image of the style deprived of saturation and are distinguished by the absence of complex shapes and lines. In almost all cases, a black paint , rarely -. Red

The simplicity of style is also determined there is no risk of making a mistake when creating a drawing. Choosing for elementary sketches, novice master will be able to perform the work at the proper level. Despite the risk to make awkward on your body image, many tattooists have resorted to unexpected solutions that are also welcome at this style.

The storyline style

Almost every beginner webmaster interested in working with inscriptions that are performed easier. The most simple images that can be made in this direction tattoos are:

  • Various characters;
  • emoticons;
  • cartoon characters;
  • simple pictures of animals;
  • musical notation;
  • other simple images.

Style Hendpouk — this trend in tattoos, which expresses the rebellious spirit of man and allows him to self-realization. If a person does not have a similar mood, this style does not give him a real sense of joy from the work performed master.

самодельная тату машинка
Tattoo machine with their own hands

Materials required for the assembly instruction

Review equipment tattoo artist

How to choose a car, pigments, needles, practice skin, and more!

Photos and designs

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