150 Hieroglyphics Tattoos and their meanings

Tattoo Chinese characters with translation and meaning

Already difficult to remember for sure exactly when Chinese and Japanese tattoos are firmly rooted in tattoo art. They fascinate with its form, intriguing hidden meaning, and even magical value. Tattoos in the form of characters can be attributed to the inscriptions. But stylistically the image of Chinese and Japanese characters are very different from the usual image of words with standard fonts.


Character can be simple enough to implement and to understand. Many people choose tattoos as small labels that matter directly only to its owner. Among the most common words everyone can choose something that fits his credo.

There are also more complex patterns made up of several shapes that tell the whole story. Thus, on a small area of ​​the body with the help of tattoo hieroglyph can capture multi-valued and unique story.

The most common in our country is in the form of a tattoo is a Chinese and Japanese characters. However, we must remember that the distinction as Vietnamese and Korean.

The paradox is that in most cases the Character holders are not much interested in the study of Eastern culture and speak the language. What is the Chinese and Japanese kanji tattoo attract ordinary people? Probably, its mystery. The image of the mysterious character gives its holder a certain charm that gives rise to questions and excites interest. For many such tattooed is the likeness of a talisman that protect and protects from troubles.

As you can guess, the performance of such work from the artist’s point of view — not the most time-consuming process. The vast majority of tattoos with the characters is done with black paint and, as a rule, their size rarely goes beyond the cigarette pack. There are times when the character is only a supplement to the main picture. A striking example of such work is the dragon tattoo, which you can find photos below.

Another popular among fans of tattoo art thing in Eastern culture it is horoscope . Many of those who believe in fate, predestination of life and karma chooses as his tattoos zodiac sign in Chinese or Japanese horoscope.

The most popular place for a tattoo with the image of characters remains neck. As you know, a similar pattern can be conveniently placed almost anywhere. A great option would be the ankle, forearm, upper arm, area behind the ear.

And now bring to your attention several popular Chinese characters with translation.

Popular Chinese characters for Tattoo
Китайский иероглиф 4 времени годаКитайский иероглиф 5 элементовКитайский иероглиф богатствоКитайский иероглиф веснаКитайский иероглиф ветер
Seasons5 itemsWealthSpringWind
Китайский иероглиф водаКитайский иероглиф деревоКитайский иероглиф долголетиеКитайский иероглиф драконКитайский иероглиф друг
Water tree Longevity Dragon friend
Китайский иероглиф духКитайский иероглиф здоровьеКитайский иероглиф земляКитайский иероглиф зимаКитайский иероглиф Инь
Ghost Health Earth Winter Yin
Китайский иероглиф ЯнКитайский иероглиф искренностьКитайский иероглиф красотаКитайский иероглиф летоКитайский иероглиф лунный свет
Yang Sincerity Beauty Summer Moonlight
Китайский иероглиф любовьКитайский иероглиф металлКитайский иероглиф огоньКитайский иероглиф розаКитайский иероглиф сакура
Love Metal Fire rose Sakura
Китайский иероглиф Тай чиКитайский иероглиф удачаfengshuiКитайский иероглиф цветок
Tai Chi Luck Feng Shui Flower
Chinese Horoscope
Китайский иероглиф быкКитайский иероглиф драконКитайский иероглиф змеяКитайский иероглиф кроликКитайский иероглиф крыса
Bull Dragon Snake Rabbit rat
Китайский иероглиф лошадьКитайский иероглиф обезьянаКитайский иероглиф овцаКитайский иероглиф петухКитайский иероглиф свинья
Horse Monkey Sheep Rooster pig
Китайский иероглиф собакаКитайский иероглиф тигр
Dog Tiger
Китайские иероглифы с числами
Китайский иероглиф 1Китайский иероглиф 2Китайский иероглиф 3Китайский иероглиф 4Китайский иероглиф 5
Китайский иероглиф 6Китайский иероглиф 7Китайский иероглиф 8Китайский иероглиф 9Китайский иероглиф 10
Китайский иероглиф 20Китайский иероглиф 3040Китайский иероглиф 50Китайский иероглиф 60
Китайский иероглиф 70Китайский иероглиф 80Китайский иероглиф 90Китайский иероглиф 100Китайский иероглиф 200
1000Китайский иероглиф 10000Китайский иероглиф 1000000

Tattoos in the form of Japanese kanji with translation

And now I propose to evaluate the common options with the translation of Japanese characters.


Popular Japanese characters for tattoo
Японский иероглиф большая удачаЯпонский иероглиф вечностьЯпонский иероглиф гармонияЯпонский иероглиф горыЯпонский иероглиф горячий водопад
Good luck eternity Harmony Mount Waterfall
Японский иероглиф дзенЯпонский иероглиф добротаЯпонский иероглиф душевное спокойствиеЯпонский иероглиф интеллектЯпонский иероглиф искусство
The Zen Kindness Peace of mind Intelligence Art
Японский иероглиф любовьЯпонский иероглиф мечтаЯпонский иероглиф мирЯпонский иероглиф монахЯпонский иероглиф музыка
Love Dream World The Monk Music
Японский иероглиф начало осениЯпонский иероглиф ничтоЯпонский иероглиф пещераЯпонский иероглиф платоЯпонский иероглиф природа
The beginning of autumn Nothing The Cave Plateau Nature
Японский иероглиф прохладный бризЯпонский иероглиф путьЯпонский иероглиф радостьЯпонский иероглиф рекаЯпонский иероглиф самурай
Cool Breeze Path Joy River
Японский иероглиф свободаЯпонский иероглиф слушатьЯпонский иероглиф смелостьЯпонский иероглиф снегопад в городеЯпонский иероглиф счастье
Freedom Play Courage Snowfall in the city Happiness
Японский иероглиф театрЯпонский иероглиф традицияЯпонский иероглиф уважениеЯпонский иероглиф человекЯпонский иероглиф Япония
Theater tradition Respect Man Japan
Japanese Zodiac horoscope
Японский иероглиф быкЯпонский иероглиф драконЯпонский иероглиф змеяЯпонский иероглиф кабанЯпонский иероглиф кролик
Bull Dragon Snake Boar Rabbit
Японский иероглиф крысаЯпонский иероглиф лошадьЯпонский иероглиф овцаЯпонский иероглиф оезьянаЯпонский иероглиф петух
rat Horse Sheep Monkey Rooster
Японский иероглиф собакаЯпонский иероглиф тигр
Dog Tiger

Photos and designs

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