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Khokhloma in tattoo

Khokhloma painting unwittingly attracts the eye of any man: bright rich colors, intricate patterns , with different color transitions. No matter how gorgeous khokhloma as a tattoo, it is very hard to perform. This technically challenging work only by experienced master, therefore, as in the painting utensils, and the creation of a tattoo style hohloma preference is given to professionals.

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Any owner of a tattoo in this style will confirm that it is better to contact the master, who deals specifically with tattoos in Khokhloma style. Experienced professional with an accuracy portray all flowing lines and intricate patterns pattern, can make a unique brightness ornament future tattoos. It depends on the saturation of the pattern surprising effect, which can be seen on the dishes. It is important to khokhloma and bright images and the accuracy of the smallest details , and perfect adherence to the general plan.

A distinctive feature in the selection of the picture structure is a choice of colors, in which the entire tattoo will be performed. It is worth noting that every tattoo has a main or base color, the most common four: black, red, yellow and green . Accordingly, the value of tattoos khokhloma coincides completely with the characteristic colors. The predominance of yellow color identifies a bright and carefree life of its possessor. If the tattoo is done in shades of red, it indicates a desire for power and the desire to manage their own reality. About the natural and human simplicity, his desire to be one with the world around them speaks tattoo, which is made mostly in the green.

To create a tattoo style hohloma you need a lot of time and bright colors. Otherwise, the tattoo will look ugly and faded, which is unacceptable in Khokhloma painting.
The Khokhloma are no specific rules for the combination of colors, so you can sketch with a diverse mix of leaves, herbs and berries are also worth a try to supplement drawing birds or small animals. Restrictions as there are none, as long as he liked drawing.

Frequent owners of such tattoos are men who stuffed khokhlomu like a bright tattoo sleeve. , Should understand that to bring such a tattoo completely fail before making such a large tattoo canvas.

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