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Tattoo inscription in Latin with translations

Latin inscriptions can be isolated in a separate line of tattoo art. Latin is one of the oldest Indo-European written languages, and is still formally in use in some parts of the Old World: the Vatican and Malta. In fact, he refers to the dead language , and in practice only used by doctors and lawyers. Of the modern languages ​​closest to the Latin is an Italian.

Perhaps this is the inapplicability of the ancient language in the modern world makes it so attractive to those wishing to make a tattoo in the form of a phrase or phrases. Tattoos in Latin in the form of inscriptions, as well as Celtic patterns fascinate some mystery , the uniqueness, the spirit of the time.

Of course, choosing a tattoo inscription in Latin, for men or women, the most logical first of all pay attention to the statements of philosophers and sages of those times when the language is actively used. However, today there is the opportunity to transfer almost any phrase. Especially for you we have picked up a large collection of tattoo inscriptions in Latin with translation.


The image of his own and another’s name

Арабская татуировка на запястье
The inscriptions in Arabic

Tattoos in the form of inscriptions in Arabic and translated into Russian.

Фразы с переводом на русский язык
god lawyer ADVOCATUS DEI
Disaster — the touchstone of Valor COLAMITAS VIRTUTIS OCCASIO
without any formalities Eхtrа formam
Without anger or addiction SINE IRA ET STUDIO
Without hope, hope CONTRA SPEM SPERO
Abyss calls to abyss ABYSSUS ABYSSUM INVOCAT
Beach hostile pure virgins LITORA CASTIS INIMICA PUELLIS
Good intentions PIA DESIDERIA
The blessing of the people — the supreme law SALUS POPULI SUPREMA LEX
gods Grace PAX DEORUM
Blessed is the one who is far away from the affairs BEATUS ILLE, QUI PROCUL NEGOTIIS
grace of God DEI GRATIA
Pain forces even the innocent to lie ETIAM INNOCENTES COGIT MENTIRI DOLOR
afraid of Greeks, even when bringing gifts even TIMEO DANAOS ET DONA FERENTES
We will go ahead without hesitation IMPAVIDE PROGREDIAMUR
We will be silent! TACEAMUS!
I would hate if I can; I can not — I will love against his will ODERO SI POTERO; SI NON, INVITUS AMABO
Sometimes a fool would say sensible INTERDUM STULTUS OPPORTUNA LOQUITUR
The movement still growing and gaining strength MOBILITATE VIGET VIRESQUE ACQUIRIT EUNDO
In defense of his home PRO DOMO SUA
In a healthy body healthy mind MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO
The need for unity, freedom in doubt, around the love IN NECESSARIIS UNITAS, IN DUBIIS LIBERTAS, IN OMNIBUS CARITAS
In memory of IN MEMORIAM
In truth, virtue IN RECTO VIRTUS
In the presence of a doctor nothing harmful PRAESENTE MEDICO NIHIL NOCET
The tears have pleasure EST QUAEDAM FLERE VOLUPTAS
Doubly gives the one who gives quickly BIS DAT, QUI CITO DAT
Ubiquitous HIC ET UBIQUE
The great thing — love MAGNA RES EST AMOR
The great unknown MAGNUM IGNOTUM
Tops achieved not immediately PAULATIM SUMMA PETUNTUR
Believe experienced CREDE EXPERTO
Eternal rest grant them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine them REQUIEM AETERNAM DONA EIS, DOMINE, ET LUX PERPETUA LUCEAT EIS
Power over themselves — the highest authority IMPERARE SIBI MAXIMUM IMPERIUM EST
In the name of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit IN NOMINE PATRIS ET FILII ET SPIRITUS SANCTI
The war of all against all BELLUM OMNIM CONTRA OMNES
Risen and avenging REDIVIVUS ET ULTOR
That’s what I want HOC EST IN VOTIS
The doctor treats, nature heals MEDICUS CURAT, NATURA SANAT
Times change and we change with them TEMPORA MUTANTUR, ET NOS MUTAMUR IN ILLIS
All — vanity OMNIA VANITAS
Everything changes, nothing disappears OMNIA MUTANTUR, NIHIL INTERIT
Everything obeys money PECUNIAE OBOEDIUNT OMNIA
All art is an imitation of nature OMNIS ARS IMITATIO EST NATURAE
The Braves and abstain SUSTINE ET ABSTINE
above suspicion SUSPICIONE MAJOR
Where friends, there is wealth UBI AMICI, IBI OPES
Where is good, there is the birthplace of UBI BENE, IBI PATRIA
People’s Voice — the voice of God VOX POPULI VOX DEI
Woe to the vanquished VAE VICTIS
Gift speech given to all spiritual wisdom — little SERMO DATUR CUNCLIS, ANIMI SAPIENTIA PAUCIS
The moving spirit SPIRITUS MOVENS
The two fight, the third rejoices DUOBUS CERTANTIBUS TERTIUS GAUDET
Do what you do AGE QUOD AGIS
For the eyes, but are not rest (смотри, но не трогай) OCULIS NON MANIBUS
Valor and constancy VIRTUTE ET CONSTANTIA
Respectable head of a family BONUS PATER FAMILIAS
Another farewell often yourself — never IGNOSCITO SAEPE ALTERI, NUNQUAM TIBI
Evil intent turns against the designs of evil MALUM CONSILIUM CONSULTORI PESSIMUM EST
The only salvation — in the fight UNAM IN ARMIS SALUTEM
If you want peace, prepare for war SI VIS PACEM, PARA BELLUM
Eat, drink and be merry EDE, BIBE, LUDE
Wait for another what you yourself have done differently AB ALTERO EXPECTES, ALTERI QUOD FECERIS
I wish to go the destiny conducts, unwanted drags DUCUNT VOLENTEM FATA, NOLENTEM TRAHUNT
A woman is always changeable and impermanent VARIUM ET MUTABILE SEMPER FEMINA
dire necessity DURA NECESSITAS
He lives in the chest wound VIVIT SUB PECTORE VULNUS
Life force VIS VITALIS
Life without freedom — ничто VITA SENE LIBERTATE NIHIL
Life is short, art is long-lasting ARS LONGA, VITA BREVIS
Live means fight VIVERE MILITARE EST
Die is cast ALEA JAKTA EST
Pros and cons PRO ET CONTRA
The smell is pleasant profit from whatever he proceeded LUCRI BONUS EST ODOR EX RE QUALIBET
Here and now HIC ET NUNC
I know you, and under the skin and on the outside (see right through you) EGO TE INTUS ET IN CUTE NOVI
The emperor should die standing IMPERATOREM STANTEM MORI OPORTET
I sincerely grieve those who grieve without witnesses ILLE DOLET VERE, QUI SINE TESTE DOLET
The truth — the daughter of time TEMPORIS FILIA VERITAS
In vino veritas IN VINO VERITAS
Truth is above friendship VERITAS MAGIS AMICITIAE
A true friend is known in trouble AMICUS CERTUS IN RE INCERTA CERNITUR
Seek and ye shall find QUAERITE ET INVENIETIS
Each involves his passion TRAHIT SUA QUEMQUE VOLUPTAS
To each his own SUUM QUIQUE
Each smith of his own destiny FABER EST SUAE QUISQUE FORTUNAE
The stumbling block and a rock of offense LAPIS OFFENSIONIS ET PETRA SCANDALI
End — the cause of the crown FINIS CORONAT OPUS
Who is without sin? QUI SINE PECCATO EST
Who is everywhere, he is nowhere NUSQUAM EST QUI UBIQUE EST
He who does not work QUI NON LABORAT, NON MANDUCET
Who is in a hurry too, the later handles affairs QUI NIMIUM PROPERAT, SERIUS AB SOLVIT
Easy to carry that voluntarily bear PORTALUR LCVITER, QUOD PORTAT QUISQUE LIBENTER
False in one thing, false in all Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus
Better late than never POTIUS SERO QUAM NUNQUAM
Better death than dishonor MALO MORI QUAM FOEDARI
Better to die than be dishonored POTIUS MORI QUAM FOEDARI
Love conquers all OMNIA VINCIT AMOR
Small sadness eloquent, great, silent CURAE LEVES LOQUUNTUR, INGENTES STUPENT
Place of least resistance LOCUS MINORIS RESISTENTIAE
The world people of good will PAX HOMINIBUS BONAE VOLUNTATIS
Many people should be afraid of the one whom many fear MULTOS TIMERE DEBCT, QUERN MULTI TIMENT
Much of the small MULTUM IN PARVO
We can as much as we know TANTUM POSSUMUS, QUANTUM SCIMUS
We are one tribe GENS UNA SUMUS
In perpetuity IN PERPETUUM
We must eat to live, not live to eat ESSE OPORTET UT VIVAS, NON VIVERE UT EDAS
beauty is but skin deep FRONTIS NULLA FIDES
Do not be afraid of the last day, but do not call him SUMMUM ПЕС METUAS DIEM, ПЕС OPTES
Do not enter into temptation NE INDUCAS IN TENTATIONEM
Do not be discouraged in adversity NE CEDE MALIS
Obey not the trouble, and boldly go to meet her TU NE CEDE MALIS, SED CONTRA AUDENTIOR ITO
Do not sin — do not repent PECCANDO PROMEREMUR
Dont touch me NOLI ME TANGERE
A necessary evil — is inevitable MALUM NECESSARIUM — NECESSARIUM
Not many, but a lot NON MULTA, SED MULTUM
The need to be trumping law NECESSITAS FRANGIT LEGEM
There is no cure for love AMOR NON EST MEDICABILIS HERBIS
Nothing is safe in all respects NIHIL EST AB OMNI PARTE BEATUM
No crime without punishment NULLUM CRIMEN SINE POENA
It is not good smells, he who always smells good NON BENE OLET, QUI BENE SEMPER OLET
nothing — nothing do not care Nihil habeo, nihil curo
I have nothing, not afraid of anything NIHIL HABEO, NIHIL TIMEO
I have nothing, nothing do not care NIHIL HABEO, NIHIL CURO
Nothing comes from nothing NIL DE NIHILO FIT
Nothing will remain unavenged NIL INULTUM REMANEBIT
Now and forever NUNC ET IN SAECULA
About dead good or nothing DE MORTUIS AUTBENE, AUT NIHIL
What do not know, it does not wish to IGNOTI NULLA CUPIDO
Gains strength on the move VIRESQUE ACQUIRIT EUNDO
Fire heals IGNIS SANAT
The eagle does not catch flies AQUILA NON CAPTAT MUSCAS
Beware! CAVE!
From the possible to the actual A POTENTIA AD ACTUM
Primus inter pares PRIMUS INTER PARES
By divine law JURE DIVINO
Victory where consent IBI VICTORIA UBI CONCORDIA
Repetition — the mother of learning REPETITIO EST MATER STUDIORUM
The overwhelming pride DEBELLARE SUPERBOS
This can be cured in a similar SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURANTUR
While I breathe I hope DUM SPIRO, SPERO
Have mercy on me, O God, according to thy mercy MISERERE MEI, DEUS, SECUNDUM MAGNAM MISERICORDIAM TUAM
memento Mori MEMENTO MORI
Remember that you are a man MEMENTO QUOD EST HOMO
After darkness light POST TENEBRAS LUX
After death there is no pleasure POST MORTEM NULLA VOLUPTAS
Last forgive SUPREMUM VALE
The last, decisive argument ULTIMA RATIO
Do this in order to live happily HAEC FAC UT FELIX VIVAS
Poets are born, speakers are NASCUNTUR POETAE, FIUNT ORATORES
The right to dispose of life and death JUS VITAE AC NECIS
Justice must be served, though the world perish PEREAT MUNDUS ET FIAT JUSTITIA
Practice — the best teacher USUS MAGISTER EST OPTIMUS
I came, I saw, I conquered VENI, VIDI, VICI
Sell everything you have and follow me VENDE OMNIA, QUAE HABES, ET SEQUERE ME
other troubles (вдали от дел) PROCUL NEGOTIS
Farewell and love me VALE ET ME AMA
Let them hate, as long as feared ODERINT, DUM METUANT
For the sake of the common good PRO BONO PUBLIC
Divide and rule DIVIDE ET IMPERA
With God CUM DEO
With the help of God DEO JUVANTE
What is finished, besides, do not come back ACTUM, AJUNT, NE AGAS
Per se PER SE
Sacred path VIA SACRA
Made (done) FECIT
I make it so that you remember me Faciarn ut mei memineris
Make it so that you may remember (a) FACIAM UT MEI MEMINERIS
No sooner said than done DICTUM FACTUM
Stingy always needs SEMPER AVARUS EGET
Scrapped, but not sognesh FRANGAS NON FLECTAS
Improve yourself PERFICE TE
Lied in one lying around MENDAX IN UNO, MENDAX IN OMNIBUS
Destiny helps brave FORTES FORTUNA ADJUVAT
The fate of the rock Fatum
The sum of the amounts (final result) SUMMA SUMMARUM
Happy is he who boldly take up the defense of what he loves FELIX, QUI QUOD AMAT, DEFENDERE FORTITER AUDIT
Happiness favors the bold AUDACES FORTUNA JUVAT
So it was fated HOC ERAT IN FATIS
So it pleased fate SIC FATA VOLUERUNT
So go to the stars SIC ITUR AD ASTRA
Thus passes the glory of the earth SIC TRANSIT GLORIA MUNDI
So I want to SIC VOLO
So, what do not hope, and over the years, happens in a moment ACCIDIT IN PUNCTO QUOD NON SPERATUR IN ANNO
He did half the job, who have already started DIMIDIUM FACTI, QUI COEPIT, HABET
There is no third TERTIUM NON DATUR
Difficulties can be overcome with patience DURUM PATIENTIA FRANGO
Refuge for sinners REFUGIUM PECCATORUM
He died, mourned by many good people MULTIS ILLE BONIS FLEBILIS OCCIDIT
Good lived one who lived unnoticed BENE QUI LATUIT, BENE VIXIT
Center of the universe CAPUT MUNDI
What you do not wish yourself, do not do to others OQUOD TIBI FIERI NON VIS, ALTERI NE FECERIS
The man — a holy thing HOMO RES SACRA
Man proposes, god disposes Homo proponit, sed deus disponit
The man that nominated because of their personal qualities HOMO NOVUS
It is human nature to err (err) ERARE HUMANUM EST
Through hardship to the stars PER ASPERA AD ASTRA
An honorable death is better than a shameful life HONESTA MORS TURPI VITA POTIOR
Honestly live without doing evil to others, to render to each his HONESTE VIVERE, ALTERUM NON LAEDERE, SUUM CUIQUE TRIBUERE
what is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to bull QUOD LICET JOVI, NON LICET BOVI
That is natural, it is not shameful NATURALIA NON SUNT TURPIA
What is done is done Factum est factum
This hope of living IN HAC SPE VIVO
I know that I know nothing Scio me nihil scire
I did what I could, who can, let him do better FECI AUOD POTUI, FACIANT MELIORA POTENTES
I said, and eased the soul DIXI ET AHINAM LEVAVI
I saved his soul SALVAVI ANIMAM MEAM
I also submit to rock ME QUOQUE FATA REGUNT
I am a man, nothing human is alien to me HOMO SUM, HUMANI NIHIL A ME ALIENUM PUTO
Language — the enemy of the people, one of the devil and women LINGUA EST HOSTIS HOMINUM AMICUSQUE DIABOLI ET FEMINARUM
Poverty is not a vice Paupertas nоn est vitium
Runs irrevocable time Fugit irrevocabile tempus
Without objections Nemine contradicente
Without delay Hic et nunc?
Without anger or addiction Sine ira et studio
Without delay Sine morа
Without witnesses Remotis testibus
free Gratis
Safe, fast, pleasant Tuto, cito, jucunde
Take care of your time Tempori parce
The blessing of the people — the supreme law Salus populi suprema lex
Be faithful to him who is true (you) Fac fideli sis fidelis
In a healthy body healthy mind Mens sana in соrроrе sano
The personal interests Pro domo meа (sua)
In outline Grosso modo
The customs men a lot of variety and a lot of nonsense Multa sunt in moribus dissentanea multa, sine ratione
By virtue of the law Ipso jure
By virtue of the simple fact Ipso facto
The vessel In vitro
The Used In usu
Four ctenah Ignietparietes
Lead case carefully Rem cum cura age
The faithful and courageous Fidelis et forfis
Eternal youth Semper virens
Perpetual motion Perpetuum mobile
Visible for bird flight Ех ungue leonem
Together and separately Omnes et singulos
Appearance Habitus
In a loud voice Orа rotundo
Water wears away stone GUTTA CAVAT LAPIDEM
rejoice Gratulari
At all Generaliter
Here is the place where the death willingly helps life Hic locus est, ubi mors gaudet succurrere vitae
The doctor — a friend and servant of patients Medicus amicus et servus aegrotorum est
Doctor doctor friend Medicus medico amicus est
Physician, heal thyself Medice, cura te ipsum
Times change and we change with them (Ovid) Tempora mutantur et nos mutantur in illis
Time does not wait Tempus nemini
All living things came out of the egg (Harvey) Omne vivum ех ovo
All unnecessary harm Omne nimium nocet
All fine rare Omnia praeclara rara
All I carry with myself Omnia mea mecum porto
Always in moving Semper in motu
Always the same Semper idem
Out of the situation, which still need to prove Petitio principii
chin up! Sursum corda!
where pus, there is paper Ubi pus, ibi incisio
Where consent — where victory Ubi concordia – ibi victoria
Deep content summary Multum, nоn multa
naked Nudis verbis
Woe to the vanquished Vae victis
great fame Fama clamosa
Let it be allowed Licitum sit
Let there be light! Fiat lux!
further nowhere Nec plus ultra
Tribute Homagium
Twice in the same do not punish Non bis in idem
I do you to do Facio ut facias
Keep to myself Habeat sibi
euphemistically Pro forma
Trust, but look who trust Fide, sed cui fidas, vide
content with small Parvo contentus
Permissible and impermissible Fas atque nefas
The road to knowledge Via scientiarum
regrettable Miserabile dictu
It is even surprising Mirabile dictu
If you tell the truth, the witnesses do not need Si vera narretis, non opus sit testibus
If you want peace, prepare for war Si vis pacem, para bellum
Life without science — death Vita sine litteris – mors est
Life without freedom — nothing Vita sine libertate, nihil
Pros and cons Pro et contra
Cherished dreams, wishful thinking Pia desiderata
The law should be brief Legem brеvem esse oportet
Pleasant smell of money, by whatever he proceeded Lucri bonus est odor ex re qualibet
I forbid Veto
Here Нос loсо
Knowledge is power Scientia potentia est
And the books have their own destiny Habent sua fata libelli
The name speaks for itself Nomen est omen
A true friend never forgets a friend Verus amicus amici nunquam obliviscitur
History teaches life Historia magistra vitae
To each his own Suum cuique
Each smith of the happiness Quilibet fortunae suae faber
As the call, so the echo Ut salutas, ita salutaberis
As stated above Ut supra
What else ways Quibuscumque viis
The stumbling block Lapis offensionis (petra scandali)
Drop sharpens stone (Ovid) Gutta cavat lapidem
cures like Similia similibus curantur
Swearing words the teacher Jurare in verba magistri
When we are healthy, it is easy to give good advice to patients Facile omnes, cum valemus, recta consilia aegrotis damus
End — case crown Finis coronat opus
The roots of the bitter Sciences Radices litterarum amarae sunt, fructus dulces
Who are the people born without vices Quis hominum sine vitiis
Who writes, reads twice the Qui scribit, bis legis
Who is right and firm towards the goal is! (Horace) Justum et tenacem propositi virum!
who is smarter, the modest Ut quisque est doctissimus, ita est modestissimus
Easy to trace Lupus in fabula
Treat the mind, rather than medicines Medica mente non medicamentis
deceitful man, we do not believe, even if he is telling the truth Mendaci homini verum quidem dicenti credere non solemus
Leo learn by his claws, and a donkey — ears Ex ungua leonem cognoscimus, ex auribus asinum
People, teaching, learning Homines, dum docent, discunt
of least resistance Location Locus minoris resistentiae
casting pearls before swine Margaritas ante porcas
Peace be with you! Pax vobiscum!
A lot of drinking wine is not long to live Multum vinum bibere, non diu vivere
A lot in a small Multum in rarvo
Pray and labor Ora et labora
My fault, my greatest fault Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa
We always strive for forbidden desire and ill Nitinur in vetitum semper, cupimusque negata

We learn ne for the school, a life Non scholae, sed vitae discimus
At a time Pro dosi
In the course In transitu
The hope of recovery Spes reconvalescendi
I hope for the best Spero meliora
You have to live Oportet vivere
This provision Status praesens
Home and source Principium et fons
Do not Hurt Noli nosere
Do not harm, if you can not help Ne noceas, si juvare non rotes
Not every error — stupid Non omnis error stultitia est
Not everyone can all Non omnia passum omnes
Do not go ahead, then go back Non progredi est regredi
Not much, but a lot Non multa, sed multum
Not at all, we are able to Non omnia possumus
Do not judge what you do not know Nec sutor ultra crepidam

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Do not touch me Noli me tangere
Do not go to the board, not being invited Ne accesseris in consilium nisi vocatus
It is not clear Non liquet
immediately Ex tempore
unexplored land Terra incognita

impassable in medicine path without Latin Invia est in medicina via sine lingua latina
Injustice Nefas
There is nothing superior to truth, and it will prevail Magna et veritas, et praevalebit
There are no rules without exceptions Nulla regula sine exceptione
There is a blessing in disguise Nullum malum sine aliquo bono
Unfair Mala fide
No day without a line (Pliny) Nulla dies sine linea
Not one step back, always forward Nunquam petrorsum, semper ingrediendum
No one should go on their own Nullus juxra propriam voluntatem incedat
No one is born a scientist Nemo nascitur doctus
No judge in his case Nemo judex in causa sua
About time, about morals! O tempora, O mores!
Oh, holy simplicity O sancta simplicitas!
modus operandi Modus agendi
Lifestyle; Modus vivendi
Back Vice versa
Together Viribus unitis
Fire and Sword Ferro ignique
restrictively and conditionally Restrictive et conditionaliter

One day — a step in the ladder of life Unus dies gradus est vitae
One swallow does not make spring Una hirundo non facit ver
Once we have all these things are insane Sed semel insanivimus omnes
The same Idem per idem
Approved Probatum est
The danger in procrastination Periculum in mora
Experience — the best teacher Usus est optimus magister
Leisure with dignity, with honor vacation Otium cum dignitate
First Among Equals Primus inter pares
The fruit of time Fructus temporum
The bad grass is growing rapidly Mala herba cito crescit
Poor acquired quickly forgotten Male parta cito dilabuntur memoria
By type Specie
on the claws of a lion to represent; judge the whole part Ex ungue leonem pingere
In my opinion Meo voto
for a promise Ex voto
In the Law Jure
At his own request Sponte sua
In its own motion Motu proprio
Repetition — the mother of learning Repetitio est mater studiorum
Get up and do it! Surge et age!
Friendly Familiariter
Know yourself Nosce te ipsum
Peace — best lekarstvo Optimum medicamentum quies est
Cover and evil is evil Scelere velandum est scelus
Polnoe recovery Restitutio ad integrum
Full belly to the teachings gluxo Plenus venter non studet libenter
Less words Rausa verba
Memento Mori Memento mori
After the event Post factum
The last argument Ultima ratio
actions stronger than words Facta sunt potentiora verbis
Pouchitya not a sin and the enemy Fas est et ab hoste doceri
crook Per fas et nefas
Warn approaching disease Venienti occurrite morbo
provides an end Respice finem
First of all — live Primum vivere
First of all, act Primum agere
First of all, no harm Primum non nocere
Perfect Macte!
Hold languages ​​ Favete linguis
Taking everything into consideration Tota re perspecta

Nature heals, the doctor treats Natura sanat, medicus curat
Veni, Vidi, Vici Veni, vidi, vici
It’s nice to get praise from a man worthy of praise DULCE LAUDARI A LAUDATO VIRO
against tyranny In tyrrannos
public Extra muros
Let it be as it is, or even not to be Sint ut sunt, aut non sint
Let rest in peace Sit tibi terra levis
Confusion, misunderstanding Qui pro quo
For the sake of the common good Pro bono publico
For the sake of diversion Per aversionem
for the sake of honor, for the sake of respect Honoris causa
A variety of pleasure Varietas delectat
Since the act Flagrante delicto
The smallest Minimum
afraid of his own shadow Umbram suam metuit
Holy of Holies Sancta sanctorum
Did one who benefits Is fecit, qui prodest
Did one who benefits Ite, missia est
The spoken word fades written letter is Vox audita latet, littera scripta manet
How many heads, so many minds Quot homines, tot sententiae
Soon Expedite
glory winners Gloria victoribus
Sweet and honorable to die for the homeland DULCE ET DECORUM EST PRO PATRIA MORI
a teacher of the Word Verba magistri
Word for word Verbatim
Word cares example draws Verbum movet, exemplum trahit
Laughing, speak the truth Ridens verum dicere
with knowledge Ex professo
Personally Manu propria
Brand Funditus
The sun shines for all Sol lucet omnibus
Disputes ruined world Tradidit mundum disputationibus
Disputes decides the fate Habent sua sidera lites
The methods and tools Media et remedia
is terrible to say, terrible to say Horribile dictu
Happy is he who may know the causes of things (Virgil) Felix, qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas
also Item
Thus passes the glory of the earth Sic transit gloria mundi
So said the teacher Magister dixit
There is victory where consent Ibi victoria, ubi concordia
strong in faith Rectus in curia
Now, applaud! Nunc plaudite!
Patient triumphs Gaudet patientia duris
Slow and steady wins — on going Festina lente
That is, Id est
Hurry Propera pedem
and immediately Immediately Statim atque instanter
There is no third Tertium non datur
Work conquers all Labor omnia vincit
The work strengthens the body Labor corpus firmat
Labor and diligence Opera et studio
anything, legitimate and acceptable Grata, rata et accepta

To be able to enjoy a life lived — to live twice Hoc est vivere bis, vita posse priore frui
Intelligent understand at a glance Sapienti sat
persevere purpose, acting softly Fortiter in re, suaviter in modo
Hard work Labor improbus
Learn to help the unfortunate Miseris succurrere disce
A teacher of life Magistra vitae
Never late to learn Nulla aetas ad discendum sera
Formally and in particular Formaliter et specialiter
Bread and circuses Panem et circenses
Daily Bread Panem quotidianum
The Healing Power of Nature Vis medicatrix naturae
instead of a Part Pars pro toto
Bowl, drunk in the morning, restores depleted forces Poculum, mane haustum, restaurat naturam exhaustam
A man of great intelligence Vir magni ingenii
Homo sapiens Homo sapiens
A man is a wolf Homo homini lupus est
Through hardship to the stars! Per aspera ad astra
QED Quod erat demonstrandum
What is written with a pen, it will not cut down with an ax VERBA VOLANT, SCRIPTA MANENT
What is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed a bull Quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi
A sense of spring Sensus veris
I did everything I could; let him who can, do better Feci, quod potui, faciant meliora potentes
I’m a man, and nothing human is alien to me Homo sum et nihil humani a me alienum puto
I want it volo Nose, sic jubeo
Красивая-тату-на-латыни Латинская-татуировка-на-руке Латинская-татуировка-на-шее Тату-Леры-Кудрявцевой-на-латыни Тату-на-латинском Тату-на-латыни Тату-на-латыни-для-девушки Тату-надпись-на-латыни Тату-надпись-на-латыни-для-мужчины Тату-надпись-на-латыни-во-всю-спину Татуировка-memento-mori-на-руке Татуировка-vivere-на-латыни Тату-надпись-на-латыни-на-стопе Тату-надпись-на-латыни-с-переводом Татуировка-на-латыни-с-переводом Фото-тату-на-латыни Татуировка-на-латыни Татуировка-на-латыни-на-лопатке Татуировка-на-латыни-на-плече Татуировка-capre-diem-на-латыни
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