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Mayan Tattoos

Very popular among fans of tattoos enjoys ethnic area, which includes images of ancient peoples such as the Maori, Slavs, Celts, including Indians. When it comes to the latter, the most commonly refers to Maya tattoo. Make a tattoo of an Indian tribe very difficult. In this case, there is no question about the special technique of printing on the skin, although there need a hand professional. The difficulty is that the convey meaning , which will be borne by future tattoo.

To have survived only fragments of this civilization, which left us with only small examples of the art of the people. A large part of tribal culture has been lost. That is why in most cases it is difficult to convey the value of tattoos Mayan. All members of the tribe worshiped various deities, among them, for example, the god Akat. It was he who was responsible for the human body painted tattoos. It is known that men of the tribe were great warriors, and the images were on their bodies the marks of their brave deeds and military victories. In the boldest bodies were completely covered with tattoos.

Of course, it is not necessary to conclude that every person who inflicted himself on the body tattoos Mayan, has to do with military exploits. At the same time this tattooed looks pretty aggressively. Even without skill in the art can understand that the picture itself does not look very friendly. And still today, those who fills his Mayan tattoos, by and large just show interest in this vanished civilization, which had a highly developed and rich culture. Sometimes the image on the body of the people are confused with drawings of the Aztec tribe.

The principal difference between them is that the Maya did themselves tattoos of military significance, and the Aztecs — religious


The storyline and style features

If you go through the tattoo parlor, you can see that most of the artists offered to fill in the body tattoos in the style of the Maya with the image of a pyramid on them or eagle. Also, due to a number of feature films filmed in this area there is another remarkable image in the form of Crystal Skull , which is considered one of the missing artifacts of this ancient people. Very often on the body stuffed images of totem animals.

A distinctive feature of tattoos Mayan is their unique font, which is a large number of fine lines. Therefore, to perform such work, the master must be highly qualified and have sufficient experience under his belt.
Among other features of this trend in tattoos can be identified:

  • graphic lines in black;
  • wide variety of small parts;
  • accurate drawing.

Most of the tattoos in the Mayan style is among the characters depicted circle, which is associated with the sun, or the cycle of life. Such an image as all the tattoos in this direction, very stylish look on the hand.


Indian symbols

тату в этнике

Tribal traditions of ancient civilizations

Photos and designs

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