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An ethnic direction, which is rather popular among fans of tattoos, includes images of ancient peoples such as Maori, Slavs, Celts, including Indians. When it comes to the latter ones, we usually mean Maya tattoos. It’s rather difficult to ink a tattoo of this Indian tribe. In this case, it is not about a special technique of tattooing the image on the skin, though the tattoo should be inked by a professional. It’s difficult to convey the message of the future tattoo.

Now, we can only find fragments of this civilization, that is, small pieces of art of this people. Much of the culture of this tribe was lost. That’s why, in most cases it is so difficult to convey the meaning of the Maya tattoo. All members of the tribe worshiped various deities, for example, the god Akat. He was responsible for inking the human body with tattoos. It is a well-known fact that the men of the tribe were excellent warriors, and the images on their bodies served as marks of their valorous exploits and military victories. The bodies of the most daring ones were completely covered with tattoos.

Of course, you shouldn’t think that every person who inked the Maya tribal tattoo on his body has something to do with military exploits. At the same time, such a tattoo looks quite aggressive. Even an amateur in this field can understand that the picture itself doesn’t look very friendly. And yet today, those who ink Maya tattoos, in general, simply show interest in this disappeared civilization, which had a highly developed and rich culture. Sometimes images on the body of this people are confused with pictures of the Aztec tribe.

The fundamental difference between them is that the Mayans inked military tattoos, and the Aztecs inked their bodies in religious purposes.


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If you visit several tattoo studios, you’ll see that most artists offer to ink the body with tattoos in the Mayan style with images of a pyramid or an eagle. Besides, another remarkable image of a crystal skull, which is considered to be one of the disappeared artifacts of this ancient people, occurred due to a number of movies in this direction. Images of totemic animals are tattooed on the body rather often.

A unique font, which is a large number of fine lines, is a peculiar feature of the tattoos of the Mayans. Therefore, the artist must be an experienced professional to ink such a tattoo.

Other features of this trend in tattoos are as follows:

  • black graphic lines;
  • a wide variety of small details;
  • a clear draughtsmanship.

Most Maya tattoos have a circle among the symbols depicted. It related to the sun or the life cycle. Such an image, like all tattoos in this direction, looks very stylish on the hand.


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