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Minimalism in the tattoo

If we consider the minimalism in terms of art, this style is constantly opening up new forms. This direction is actively supported creative types who are constantly looking for and are ready to realize their full potential as soon as possible.

In our time, postmodern especially felt hints of minimalism, which is reflected in the various fields of activity. There were also without its penetration into the art of drawing tattoos on the body.

Until recently enjoyed great popularity bulky tattoos that covered a large part of the body. Along with this trend can be seen today, and other progressive genre — minimalism tattoo. Classic big picture slowly left behind, and to the fore small figures, which may consist of only a few lines.

The fashion for small tattoos due to the fact that the majority of those wishing to be at the tattoo on the body are hesitant to allocate for this large area of ​​skin on your body. They can scare the excessive attention that is drawn from the surrounding. Tattoos in minimalism allow each person to put anywhere on the body thumbnail, which will look like a small piece of jewelry, which can cover a lock of hair or clothing.

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On the internet you can find a lot of thumbnail images in poobnom genre. Experienced master with a good imagination can easily make any picture features minimalist. This reworked image will retain its original meaning, but at the same time will look very different.

Tattoo in the style of minimalism attracts attention not superfluous lines and the presence of complex patterns, and in that it contains an original idea, which is made by game lines with distinctive graphics . Thus, the tattoo artist has the ability to enhance the beauty of tattoos, without distracting thoughts to its graphic content.

Working in this genre, the master must have the subtlety of flavor that will allow him to create a memorable and spectacular images with minimal lines. At first glance it may seem that a small headdress, made with just a few lines can not carry a no sense. However, worn under the drawings in this area are characterized by a certain mystery. Everyone gives the tattoo in the style of minimalism to its sacred meaning.

The main features of the style

The basis of this trend tattoos are geometric elements and monochrome. At the very part of the image can be seen:

  • Various lines;
  • vectors;
  • circle;
  • triangles;
  • Thumbnails.

Very popular inscriptions, which can carry a little information of a philosophical nature.

As a rule, it does not apply a variety of colors and prefer dark tones. Often, master limited to three colors, or use sketches in black and white. Images can be placed on any part of the body, and often made small, and sometimes very tiny size.

However, this does not mean that the direction of minimalism is characterized by only small images. Sometimes a picture can be packed on the whole back. The main role here is not how much space will take a tattoo on the body, and that the minimum number of images and complex elements will be used for this purpose.

татуировка в стиле графика
Graphic arts

Monochrome image with interesting technique of execution.


Combinations of geometric shapes in tattoo

Photos and designs

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