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New School Tattoos

The History of the New School Tattoo style begins with the mid-eighties. At this time actively developing the rave movement. It has brought new ways of creating images that could support this philosophy turretless and rebellious areas. As a result, experienced craftsmen carried a bright and catchy decision that was relevant not only for those times, but also retained their popularity at the moment.

At first, tattoos were somewhat primitive. But over time, they found brilliance and become damn attractive. First, who decided to create pictures in this genre, was Ed Harley, who founded his own brand in 2004. Today, the New School tattoos are an inseparable part of the youth subculture.

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style Features

This genre has certain rules and can carry a load of a certain philosophical. It is well suited for outdoor personalities. The main objective of the master is to show greater abstraction, fantasy and even humor. Tattoo-style New School resembles a graffiti wall. Pictures are executed with bright colors and encircled with bold black outline. The image is three-dimensional, which allows to consider it at a distance.

Compared with Old School this direction in the field of tattoos has its own storyline. It is often used here funny characters from popular cartoons and various scenes from the comics. The most popular pictures in this genre are:

  • crosses;
  • heart;
  • flowers;
  • skull;
  • person;
  • Women’s profiles;
  • Angels;
  • Fire.

It is worth noting that this style has a certain encoding its symbolism. It is because very often when reviewing the photos and sketches in the style of the New School, you can see pictures of the symbols of secret societies.

Another feature of the expressive style of tattoos is the formation of voids on the basis, not shaded areas. These voids can occupy a lot of space and have a certain value. This genre uses a completely different color. The main thing that they were doing the picture vivid and expressive.

Genre New School has a number of directions. In the wild style tattoos are performed that are similar to the graffiti. Ecstasy and acid released by the presence of direction slightly crazy drawings. For cyberpunk characteristic image on the grim theme. This area is very popular among gamers, as easy to use in tattoos of characters from computer games.

old school tattoo

Traditional style tattoos, which absorbed the best for the last 2 centuries.

Тату хохлома на бедре

Beautiful style with elements of traditional Russian culture.

Photos and designs

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