Organic Tattooes: meanings, 45 best Photos and Designs


Organics are often confused or associated with biomechanics. On the one hand, you can agree that these two styles are really similar. Their philosophy and concept are almost identical. In both cases, the main task of the artist is to show what is inside, to depict the effect of lack of skin.

The key difference is that in the case of biomechanics — human interiors are mixed with mechanical elements — motors, pistons, plates and so on. Thus, the image of a cyborg, a human machine, a terminator, a semi-human semi-robot is created.

In the classic sense organics is a natural imitation of the lack of skin. That is, the selected part of the body depicts muscles, ligaments, organs, veins and so on. In a word, what every person has inside is never in excess.
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