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Tattoo ornament

Ornamental tattoo is a drawing on the human skin, which is very similar to wood carving. The image in this genre is very often not just a picture, and has a definite meaning, or displays a specific mood. Under the guise of patterns can be viewed traits of human character, and another farewell.

Many people wishing to make these tattoos as his personal totem. Tattoo style ornamental was born on the territory of the Pacific Islands as a kind of body painting. In those days, tattooed it served not only as part of the decoration, but also served as an information and ritual function. The gland images are always executed the priest. Doing it this could those people who have a high status in society. Often, these tattoos are performed in the transition of the child into adulthood.

Looking sketches can be noted that this style is very difficult to be applied to the skin and is time consuming, as the contains complex patterns . The end result of such an image will look spectacular on the body. It looks colorful tattoo designs on the arm, leg and shoulder.

The special features of the style

The main features of this area are clear lines of tattoos. There is observed symmetry of the patterns, and the picture itself is filled with:

  • crosses;
  • spirals;
  • waves;
  • nodes;
  • a variety of geometric shapes.

Very often sketches tattoo ornamental you can see a picture of the moon or the sun, or the flower pictures on the marine theme.

Destinations in style

In this genre, there are a lot of different techniques. However, all of the plurality of three basic directions can be distinguished. As part of the tattoo ornament can often find images that have small thin lines, made with great precision.

These lines are characteristic of the
lienwork style.

blekvork direction traybolicheskih distinguished by the patterns that have large forms. Optionally, you can put together all the styles in one picture, and to receive as a result of the original image. Many believe that the best combination of looks with laynvorka blekvorkom. And what do you think?


drawing lines


Tattoos in the best traditions of Salvador Dali

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