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History of Polynesian Tattoos

The Polynesian tattoo differs deeply symbolic and it seems a bit rough. In this article we will talk about the meaning of images and features, as well as provide an original selection of photos from the thumbnails.

The first wearable drawings appeared in the Pacific Islands. For the Indians, they were like a memoir: told about the status in society, exploits, physical and spiritual development. It was believed that the image of a person tied to the gods and greatly influenced his fate. Polynesian tattoo stuffed only the priests over several months. Procedure accompanied by special rituals and songs , to support a man. Priest attached to the body of the stencil with the image, with the help of a hammer and sharpened tooth carved elements and slept dye. The pigment is made of soft resin of coniferous trees. Blood is constantly wiped — not a single drop should not fall to the ground. After the procedure, the skin rubbed the juice of tropical plants, so she turned pale, and turned the contrast of black and white lines of the body. Men are thrown out of the society, if the pattern was not finished.

At the nobility was more wearable pictures than people of low status. Men often stuffed Polynesian tattoo on the face (especially the leaders), in the area from the waist to the knees. On the buttocks applied to large helix (closed meant infinity and perfection deployed — renovation and restoration). According to the patterns on the chest and wrist determined position of man in society. The ornament on the forehead means success in battle, on the cheeks — a profession, on the chin — the origin. The women had fewer drawings, mainly applied to their lips and chin.


Thumbnails Polynesian tattoos brought to the West assistant James Cook in the late 18th century. Navigator introduced into the English language the word «tattoo», which translated from the dialect of the tribe meant, or «beating» or «drawing».

Features of Polynesian tattoos

Polynesian-style tattoo looks rough and massive, discern hidden aggression. Drawing or pattern consists of thin, wide and short lines, zigzags and waves that develop in geometric shapes. None game color palette and shades, abstract and blurred contours. Pictures balanced and crisp, made with black pigment, although it is now possible to add a bit of color or add an image with bright colors. This tattooed looks gentle and feminine, common among the girls.

Each element has a deep meaning and carries a great energy boost that can change the fate of the owner. The lines in the form of fish scales protect him from danger and cautionary enemies. Element bonito or tuna means energy, resourcefulness and skill may be part of a pattern or an animal. It is represented in the form of teeth, arranged in two rows so that in the middle turned white rhombs. Shark teeth (some black triangles are connected by one line) — the protection of water, courage, strength, ability to adapt to any situation. The legend states that if you swim a girl was bitten by a shark. In response, she did not lose her, and shouted his name. Predator apologized and swam away. Leaving traces on the teeth — the label that the girl is her friend. Since then, the ankle began to render shark teeth (Nihoa mano).

The Polynesian pattern is rather complicated, so many go to Tahiti, Easter Island, Samoa and Haiti, to be paid a qualified master. However, after the Spanish conquerors destroyed many sources and the meaning of some characters is unknown. Also keep in mind that Polynesian tattoos are divided into several sub-species on each island its motives and methods of application. In Hawaii prevail ornaments, skulls image, wreaths and flowers on the island of Samoa applied tattoos on old-fashioned way: no needle, and pork or shark tooth


The tattooed Polynesian-style need to be carefully selected within the meaning, scope and location. Lines and small figures are lost in the bends of the body, drawing get circumcised, so you need to take into account the relief of muscle and muscles.

Legends and meaning of the symbols

Each image has a deep symbolism steeped in legends and superstitions.
It is believed that the sun tattoo Polynesian-style appeared on the body of the first Indians. It illuminates the way of life, and after death does not go away in the darkness. Figure indicates the immensity of life and good luck in your endeavors, carries positive and happiness. Pedigree star — the symbol of new life and wisdom, energy awakening and decline — rebirth of all life


The Polynesian moon is often used in women’s images. It represents femininity, spiritual power and greatness, devotion to the selected cause. Figure common among businessmen, as it helps to achieve the goals. If it is to portray a dolphin, it will be treated as a wise leader. The moon is always depicted staying a month and protects hunters. However, the sun has a chance to make the impossible possible plans, supports ambitious and motivated people.

The Polynesian tattoo turtle also revered among beautiful ladies. It represents a family, fertility and longevity. It helps to find harmony with the spirit of the body, is the talisman of a home and protection from harm. The Tortoise and the sunrise represents hard work. Polynesian warriors used its shell as a shield, so the figure has another meaning: body and strength of spirit, endurance and balance . According to legend, the turtle carries the souls of the dead, so the death of the Polynesians were applied to the body of the sign of a man walking next to or sitting on the shell.

Shark Image is perseverance and power, protection from enemies and troubles. At the Polynesian people, it was a sacred animal, he worshiped her power and strength. Picture of fish in the form of a triangle — resistance troubles, if displayed under the luminary — the imperishable power and might, together with a dolphin — strong and true friendship.

underwear drawing lizard — communication with the gods, and access to other worlds. According to legend, the gods come to man only as a gecko, so the image represents supernatural power, which passes to the owner. For warriors tattoo meant physical power, strength, endurance and speed. If lizard stuffed turtle, it means that person is responsible for his words and deeds.

The warriors and hunters applied Tiki deity mask to protect themselves from evil spirits and death. Image suited temperamental and courageous men. The picture can be supplemented by various elements: shark teeth, tuna, birds, waves, humans.
Polynesian tattoo ramp represents grace, spiritual beauty, grace and freedom, is a powerful protection. Often in this image includes hooks, symbolizing luck, tiki mask — protection against all evil, hibiscus flower — beauty, cross — harmony and balance, shark teeth. Each drawing can be supplemented with other components. Scat was revered among the Polynesians, as it is considered one of the most dangerous inhabitants of the ocean, so it can mean skill and cunning. Make a Polynesian tattoo on his shoulder or back, it is possible at the ankle and foot, looks good girls on the lower back.

Polynesian tattoos for men — physical and spiritual strength

underwear figure gives courage and brutality, if you put it on the back or forearm, capturing part of the chest. Good looks on the entire length of the sleeve or shoulder to the elbow, from elbow to the neck.

Men often cause similar work on the leg to the knee, calf on the side of the lower leg or foot and thigh. The composition may be composed of several drawings or thin strips of ornament down along the abdomen or back.

Women’s Polynesian tattoos — mystery and grace

Images look too massive for the female body, but you can pick up a beautiful image to appear more light and delicate, not overloaded broad lines . Apply tattoo Polynesian-style legs, arm and shoulder, but they look more feminine and luxurious on the shoulder, back, waist. Sleeker look pictures of lizards, or ramp, when the tail is represented by a flexible or a twisted ring. The composition can be supplemented with flowers or fern (peace and tranquility), butterflies and dragonflies (spiritual transformation), birds (freedom and control over the situation down).

Polynesian tattoos are badly combined with vivid and three-dimensional images of other styles. Do not fill too small risunochki: each picture is made up of many different parts, they can visually merge into a black and white spot. Lose the beauty and grandeur of underwear picture.

Photos and designs

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