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Realism is considered to be a separate, relatively young and rapidly developing genre of tattooing. On the one hand, of course, one must agree with this statement. Despite the fact that the first portraits began to be tattooed on the body more than a hundred years ago (although the quality, of course, often left much to be desired), this art has become really popular relatively recently.

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Personally, I associate the growing popularity of realistic tattoos with the fact that nowadays there are real masters in the world capable of doing such works. What is so special about it? If you already searched on the Internet for the information about realistic tattoos, you probably noticed that there was almost no unified opinion on understanding this style. What is realism?

In my opinion, a portrait tattoo is the most vivid example of this genre. The most popular images today are the faces of famous people, for example musicians or actors. In the photo you can see images in the form of superheroes, for example, a batman or a joker. On the other hand, if we define the realistic style as something depicted as naturally as possible, then the range of possible plots is expanded greatly.

Think about it. Indeed, you can depict almost everything that surrounds us in a natural style. An animal, a bird, a tree, and so on. Does belong to realistic tattoos? Yes. Certainly.

It should be noted that the work in the style of portrait and a simply realistic tattoo is the prerogative of the artists of the highest level. The skill of handling the equipment right and having a practiced eye isn’t enough. In this case, the tattoo artist should be a good artist in general. He should be able to take into account and depict all the details as closely to the original as possible, as well as to work with color and to keep all proportions.

This is an extremely painstaking, multi-stage and time consuming work, but its result pays off all the efforts. You will enjoy the tattoo in the realistic style and amaze the people around with the beauty of the image for the rest of your life. After you decide on the plot and sketch of your future tattoo, pay special attention to finding a worthy tattoo artist and don’t cut costs on it!

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