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Realistic tattoo

Realism is considered to be a separate, relatively young and rapidly growing genre of tattoo. On the one hand this is certainly necessary to agree. Despite the fact that the first portraits began to fill in the body over a hundred years ago (although the quality, of course, are often left much to be desired), widespread is the art really got recently.

Реалистик-тату-роза-глаз Реалистичная-наколка Реалистичная-тату-автомобиль Реалистик-тату Реалистик-тату-на-руке

Personally, I attribute the growing popularity of tattoos realistic that the world finally came true masters, able to implement this work. What’s so special? If you already climb on the internet in search of information about realistic tattoo, you probably noticed that the common understanding of this style almost none. What is attributed to the realism style?

Personally, I think that this genre is the most characteristic portrait tattoo. The most popular today images of famous people’s faces, such as musicians or actors. In the photo you can see the image in the form of superheroes, such as Batman or Joker. On the other hand, if we define a realistic style as something natural picture as possible, the range of possible subjects greatly expanded.

Just think, in a natural style, can be represented almost everything that surrounds us. Animal, bird, tree, and so on. Whether it relates to realistic tattoo? Definitely yes.

I must say that the work in the style of the portrait and a realistic tattoo — the prerogative of the masters of the highest level. It is not smart enough to own the equipment and the availability of a trained eye. In this case, the tattoo artist has to be a good artist, able to take into account, and as close as possible to pass all the parts to work with color and observe all proportion.

This is a very laborious, multi-step and long work , but the result pays for all the work. Tattoo in the style of realism will please you to the end of life and to strike the surrounding beauty of execution. After you decide the plot and sketch of your future picture, focusing on the search for a decent master and do not skimp!

Photos and designs

Эскиз-тату-девушки Эскиз-реалистичной-татуировки Реалистичная-тату-балерина Реалистичная-тату-Брюс-Ли Реалистичная-тату-вампирша Реалистичная-тату-Гоголь Реалистичная-тату-велосипед Реалистичная-тату-джокер Реалистичная-тату-жирафа Реалистичная-тату-инопланетянин Реалистичная-тату-девочка Реалистичная-татуировка Реалистичная-татуировка-глаз Реалистичная-татуировка-Джонни-Депп Реалистичная-татуировка-паук Реалистичная-татуировка-бабочка Реалистичная-татуировка-на-груди Реалистичная-татуировка-Том-Хенкс Реалистичная-тату-клубничкаРеалистичная-тату-кошкаРеалистичная-тату-планеты Реалистичная-тату-кнопкаРеалистичная-тату-тигр Реалистичная-тату-фотоаппарат Татуировка-портрет Тату-портрет-девушки Реалистичные-тату-планеты Тату-реалистик Эскиз-реалистичной-татуироки Реалистик-тату Реалистик-тату-на-руке Реалистичная-тату-Дейнерис реализм
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