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People have always been extremely interested in death, in spite of its gloomy image. The image of death was given a symbolic meaning, which took its place in the tattoo art. Santa Muerte tattoo, the cult of which is widely spread throughout Mexico, is a vivid embodiment of such an interest.

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The Muerte tattoo is inked in the form of a skeleton with a scythe behind the shoulders. Death can hold a ball in one hand, and scales in another. The scales symbolize power, and the ball symbolizes the earth. Thus, this picture shows that death has power over the whole world, and that everyone will meet her sooner or later. More than 5 million Mexicans worship the saint, which symbolizes the image of death. She is considered to be a merciful mother and patroness of the whole mankind. Moreover, they believe that it helps them survive among the criminals, gives strength and opportunity to support the family, and treats all sorts of diseases.

Santa Muerte tattoo has a special meaning for bandits and people who deal with drug trafficking. For them, this image on the body is a protective image that saves them from enemies’ bullets and handcuffs of the police. The process of tattooing such an illustration on the skin is a sacred ritual that requires its owner to fulfill strict obligations.

Sketches of tattoos in Muerte style are often depicted in the form of a woman’s face, on which elements of the skull can be seen. On such tattoos, the nose and eyes are highlighted in a specific color, earrings are presented in the form of crosses, the rose is painted in the hair, and the lines that resemble the seams are depicted in the mouth or lip area. A web may be depicted on the forehead or chin. Various colors are used to tattoo the death image on the body. It makes the picture colorful and at the same time a little hideous to those not in the know.

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