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Tattoos Steampunk

Steampunk tattoo is a form of underwear figure, which is based on the picture images with elements of the steam engines, gears, devices or other machinery. This genre in the art of tattoo resembles the atmosphere in which England had lived at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. At the time of pipe smoke billowed factories, on the street lights shining spruce, and in full working scientists that their inventions engines technical progress.

The steampunk tattoos visible mechanical parts , which replace these organs in the body of an animal or human. Such images may look a bit unusual and a bit rude. Image may contain such images as:

  • torn skin and flesh;
  • protruding parts;
  • implanted gear;
  • airships;
  • timers;
  • valves;
  • gauges;
  • other unusual items mechanics.

Tattoo in steampunk style may contain some elements of fantasy. These tattoos can seem very provocative. However, this genre fans see this as a special aesthetics. They can be engraved in various parts of the body, but more spectacular images look great on the feet and hands.

More recently, tattoos in the style of steampunk performed mostly in dark colors. Today you can see the intricate designs that use a variety of colors. Drawing on the body image in this genre requires skilled craftsmen as necessary to maintain the naturalness of the figure, its size and proportions.

This style is well suited to fans of the works of science fiction writers. Steampunk is a direction that allows skilled artist using needles and ink to transform an ordinary man into a cyborg, living machine from another world.

Biomechanics and Cyberpunk

Complex in execution, but incredibly beautiful style — painting with elements of human flesh mechanisms.


In practice, the «live» tattoo

Photos and designs

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