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Surrealism in the tattoo

This style is unusual and eye-catching, also called «sverhrealizmom». Original image as embody the fantastic universes, parallel worlds and mysterious dreams. Tattoo in the style of surrealism can be called a kind of protest gray weekdays and conventions which impose society. It is safe to say that people choose to be tattooed surrealism able to see in the world around something that is not available to others.

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It is worth noting that the style name itself comes to us from the French language and means « superreality ». That is something that lifts us above the commonplace, and makes to look at things from a different angle.

Чoften motives for sketches tattoo style surrealism become:

  • сfairy-tale characters (dragons, elves);
  • stylized flowers and birds;
  • abstract ornaments and patterns.

Ethnic ornaments and symbols in a particular style of performance is also taken to refer to the style of surrealism. In contrast to other images, and they can be performed in black and white. This can be attributed to the Celtic runes, and Native American dream catchers, and graceful Slavic Kolovraty.

In addition, in recent years more and more people want to see on your picture of you talented masters of surrealism: Salvador Dali, Vladimir Kush, Wassily Kandinsky . This work, of course, requires a certain talent of the master level.

A distinctive feature of all the images on the body made in this style — it is their brilliance and beauty. In most cases, surreal tattoos do not carry any hidden meaning or philosophy, and not impose on its holder any obligations. However, they help to open up and express their inner world, outlook on life, to stand out from the crowd and feel their strangeness.

Beginning wizard tattoo often choose to work in this style, because it allows you to show all your talent and imagination. Sometimes, on the backs of the hands, or the people there are real works of art, from which it is difficult to look away.

According to statistics, the fair sex prefer to decorate such abstractions neck, ankles and back (if large image). Men are more likely to choose the forearm or the chest.


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