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Small bright the hummingbirds have long become one of the favorite characters in the tattoo among fans of this art form. The meaning of the hummingbird tattoo is connected to the representations of ancient Indian tribes, which came to us in the form of myths and legends, the habits of a bird and the peculiarities of its life in nature. We will tell you about them today, and also give some useful advice on the decoration


Hummingbirds live in the western hemisphere only, therefore legends about them can be found in the mythology of the nations of North and South America only. But there are so many of them, and the stories are so diverse that you can see how reverent this little bird was.

Tribes of North America

The Mojave Indians have a legend, which says that earlier people were forced to live underground, and the hummingbirds brought them to the surface.

The tradition of the Hopi people tells how the bird saved them from hunger. One day, the little brother and sister were left alone, because the adults went away in search of food. In order not to be bored, the boy cut out a figure of a hummingbird from a tree, the girl threw it into the sky, and the figure suddenly came to life. Every day the bird began to bring them corn cobs, saving them from hunger, and then went to the god of fertility to pray for the revival of the land. God had mercy, and the people were saved from starvation.

The Pueblo tribe has a traditional hummingbird dance. The feathers of small birds are used by shamans when summoning rain. It is believed that these birds are able to transmit the messages from the people of the Great Mother, also the hummingbird taught people to smoke tobacco, which helps the shamans in the rituals of cleansing the land.


One of the Maya legends tells how the first pair of hummingbirds appeared. The gods created them from feathers, which left after the creation of the other birds. These amazing creatures were so pleasing to the gods that they decided to arrange a magnificent wedding ceremony for them: the path to the altar was woven by spiders, the whole earth was covered with beautiful flower petals, and hundreds of colorful butterflies flew before the bride and groom.

Maya, however, like the other peoples of Mesoamerica, believed that the hummingbirds bring love and luck in the love affairs. Stuffed birds were used as talismans in ancient times, helping to find true love. Such stuffed animals are sold as amulets even today. Evidence of love potions based on the dried heart of the hummingbird has also been preserved.



The ceremonial robes of the high-ranking members of the Aztec society were necessarily adorned with bright feathers of hummingbirds, they were adorned on the staffs of the priests, and the chiefs wore earrings in the form of these birds.

There is a legend about the great warrior of Huizilopochtli, born of a magic ball of feathers. He fought valiantly, defending his people, but he was killed on the battlefield. Then his body was scattered over a thousand small birds that soared into the sky. The Aztecs believed that the souls of the soldiers turned into hummingbirds, so they did not dare to offend them and showed respect to them.


The meaning of the hummingbird tattoo for girls is the same as for men, but among the fair sex drawings with this character are encountered much more often. This is due to the fact that men are less likely to choose such bright and elegant creatures for tattoos, preferring eagles, hawks or owls.

So, what is the significance of the hummingbird tattoo:

  • Love. Since this bird was associated with sincere love in the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica, a tattoo with its image can serve as a talisman helping in its search.
  • Courage. This miniature bird is truly valiant, because, defending its territory and offspring, rushes to birds of much larger size, without fear. Therefore, the hummingbird tattoo can mean the courage and willingness to protect their interests at any cost. This image suggests that the external fragility, soft character does not mean weakness and defenselessness.
  • Freedom. This meaning is relevant for birds in general. The ability to fly, soar high in the sky was associated with freedom at all times, the opportunity to easily leave the place and go anywhere at any time.
  • Vigorous. The smallest species of hummingbirds make about a hundred strokes of wings per second, even during the meal the birds hang in the air, and do not land on the ground, they are always very mobile. The hummingbird tattoo means that its owner is full of energy, does not like to sit for a long time on the spot. It is a person of action, leading an active lifestyle.
  • A bright life full of pleasures. Hummingbird with a flower indicates a person for whom the comfort and the opportunity to have everything he want is very important. This bird is recognized as the most insatiable in the world, as she eats more than weighs herself per day. Her image can mean the desire for luxury, the desire to possess things that many might consider excesses.
  • The connection between the visible and invisible worlds. This meaning is due to the belief of the Indians that the souls of the dead are transformed into hummingbirds. These birds are also considered intermediaries between the world of the living and the world of the dead.


The tattoo of a hummingbird in watercolors looks beautiful. This style is great for the image of a small bright bird, smooth transitions of hues allow you to convey the ease of flight and fluttering of wings. Watercolor works look colorful and gentle, and the random splashes and streaks give the picture originality. Small hummingbirds on the neck or on the wrist will look cute and harmonious, more scale works, for example, the image of a bird sitting on a flower will look great on the shoulder or forearm.

Realistic tattoos always attract admiring sights, because only a truly talented master can achieve such a resemblance to a real object. Such works often are whole landscapes depicting the beauty of natural habitats of hummingbirds. The realistic sleeves, large-scale tattoos on the leg or on the back look elegantly.

The hummingbirds are usually depicted in color, which is quite logical, because how else to convey the colorfulness of their plumage? But monochrome works still occur. Basically, these are miniature simple ornamental sketches. Color tattoos, of course, look much more impressive, but black and white drawings are more durable, do not fade so quickly in the sun, which is their undoubted advantage.

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