Navel & Belly Button Piercing - 15 Photos, Types, Risks

navel piercing

  1. What earrings safer?
  2. What can be inserted into the navel?
  3. How do?
  4. What heals?
  5. Care after a puncture
  6. The process?
  7. How to care and can not do?
  8. How to rent?
  9. Puncture at home
  10. All of the process
  11. Possible consequences
  12. What if the navel festers?

Piercing navel elegant looks to tighten the stomach, gives a refined elegance and sexy figure. Girls with pierced belly button look more feminine and attractive jewelery with precious metals and fianites complement the image of oriental notes, spikes and triangles underlined strength of character.

In order not to spoil a beautiful figure, you should go to the piercer very seriously. The consequences can be very sad: the complex abscesses with surgery and colloidal scars with prolonged treatment


Secure earrings for navel piercing

earrings for navel piercing

During the period of wound healing is better to choose small ornaments made of surgical steel, gold or titanium highest standard. Small rod preferable rings , they do not cling to clothes, easily inserted into pirsingovy channel after a puncture. During pregnancy, should be inserted decoration with polytetrafluoroethylene. The material does not differ splendor and variety of colors, but flexible enough. Do not wear silver and other base metal as the body can detach them.

Types of products for navel piercing

  • barbell;
  • banana;
  • spiral;
  • ring;
  • circular.

How to do a navel piercing?

Piercing at first glance seems so, as the standard ear piercing, but the doctors equate it to the surgery. Bring an infection even in a sterile environment is easy, and the consequences can be disappointing.

Piercing navel best in certified salons, and carefully approach the selection of the master. Navel piercing worth 1000 rubles , but the expensive services are not a guarantee of quality.

Belly button piercing

It is necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness of the cabinet and watch the process of the wizard. An experienced specialist will advise competently care after a puncture, will help with the selection of jewelry, it has all the necessary tools and equipment for sterilization.

In the navel area is a lot of nerve endings and each suffers guesses: belly button piercing — Does it hurt? An experienced specialist will make the puncture in one minute . You can use a local anesthetic, which is not recommended for self-piercing. The strength of the pain depends on the individual sensitivity threshold that is very individual. For women with thin skin puncture process is almost painless, as a regular injection into the muscle.

What is healing navel piercing?

The process of wound healing is successful if:

  1. navel appeared a little red;
  2. one week after the puncture formed crust;
  3. with sores gradually released whitish liquid.

After two months crust decreases but redness remains as long as the wound is not completely healed. This process lasts for 4-6 months, so be patient and do not miss the wound treatment.

Care after navel piercing

how to make a navel piercing

Every day should be put on a clean T-shirt , it is desirable not synthetic. Poor matter will irritate the piercing, bad leak air and provoke profuse sweating. Clothing should be loose, not to cling to decoration, not pressed on him, do not rub the navel.

should avoid strenuous exercise, stop doing sports until complete healing of the wound. In the first few weeks after navel piercing can not bend down, running and jumping. Lying just to the side or at the back. Avoid visiting baths, swimming in ponds and pools, to refrain from dusty work, not be on the drafts.

It is undesirable to sponge oneself down with a towel in the navel, to be exposed to direct sunlight, artificial ultraviolet light. In the process of tanning the skin produces vitamin D, which helps the wound to heal, but the bacteria are progressing in the heat, and suppuration is inevitable.

The process after navel piercing?

Several times a day, the wound should be washed with brine, using only sea salt! On a quarter cup of warm boiled water stir half a teaspoon of salt, soak a clean cloth well and apply to the wound. Puncture washed with warm soapy water. After each procedure, the navel should be wiped dry with a paper towel, because moisture causes the development of bacteria.

navel piercing wiped morning, afternoon and at night chlorhexidine, after the last treatment applied a thin layer of ointment miramistin. Several times a day you need to wipe the jewelery, especially the fold, mounting stones latches.

How to care for a navel piercing and what not to do

  • twirl decoration rough hands, shooting to wound healing;
  • wound treating alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, to use various oil;
  • remove the formed crust, without wetting it;
  • in the treatment of wounds scroll dirty article prior to applying it disinfectant;
  • drink a lot of alcohol, caffeine and smoking, because the blood vessels are narrowed and blood flow to the wound is limited;
  • we can not allow penetration of saliva on the navel, in close contact with pets.

If all of the recommendations have been met, then six months later you can buy a new ornament.

How to remove a navel piercing?

  • handle hands and navel jewelery;
  • pour disinfectant solution new product, disassemble it into its component parts;
  • carefully and slowly remove the tiresome decoration;
  • wear new product and secure.

To decoration easily passed on pirsingovy channel, you can dip one end into the hot wax, wait a minute, inserted into the holes, then remove the wax.

Navel piercing at home

If you are not afraid at the sight of blood and sharp needles, it is possible to pierce the belly button at home. Previously should consult a physician, blood tests, including sugar. Piercing is not valid if:

  • have chronic heart disease, or abdominal skin;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • Pregnancy and Diabetes;
  • hypersensitivity;
  • temperature and colds;
  • low immunity.
consequences navel piercing

Experts recommend pierced navel in the early fall as the winter warm clothing may catch decoration, and in the summer dust particles are collected in the pit navel. By the piercer should be taken seriously and not to save on quality materials. For navel piercing will need:

  1. sharp needle piercing, you can not use a gun;
  2. decoration required diameter, length and weight;
  3. special clamp;
  4. a 70% alcohol or other disinfectant;
  5. wool, bandages and cotton swabs, sterile gloves a few pairs;
  6. a special marker to mark the point of puncture.

Care should be taken to determine the puncture place to the decoration was in the middle, does not shift to the side, otherwise it will look ugly.

The process of navel piercing:

  1. put the product in a disinfectant solution;
  2. outline marker puncture on the top fold of the navel;
  3. treat alcohol all instruments, the puncture site and your hands, wear gloves;
  4. pull the fold, lock it, wait a few minutes to reduce the flow of blood;
  5. confident and sharp motion to insert the needle from the bottom up;
  6. neat wear jewelery;
  7. remove the clip and handle the wound.

What is healing navel piercing made at home? If the decoration has been chosen correctly and the process was carried out in strict sanitation, the wound will heal 4-6 months. At the slightest deterioration should immediately consult a doctor!

Consequences of navel piercing

After 1-2 months of careful treatment of the wound crust disappears, the liquid ceases to flow, redness is reduced in size. If the puncture site pain, turned blue or extensive redness appears, then, the wound got infected and started the inflammatory process.

For the treatment prescribed levomekol, taking anti-inflammatory drugs, and in some cases, and antibiotics. To protect yourself from the abscess should be a sharp rise in temperature to see a doctor.

beautiful navel piercing

What if festers after navel piercing?

If it follows from the wound yellow liquid with an unpleasant odor, you should see a doctor and not self-medicate. Such innocuous festering could provoke tumors, abscesses and blood poisoning. Treatment is prolonged, it is possible with surgery.

If a low-quality piercing navel care after a puncture has been made was superficial, the complications can occur:

  • omphalitis development;
  • fistula formation and keloid scars;
  • the appearance of a mushroom tumor.

If it follows from the navel of purulent fluid and blood, blushed region, are formed crust — it omphalitis. Should immediately begin treatment to prevent inflammation of the umbilical vessels: antiseptic wash, apply the ointment and undergo physiotherapy. Omphalitis often develops into a fistula, which is removed by surgery.

If you can not heal a navel piercing, pit blushed, appeared sickly seal and pressing pus — a mushroom-shaped tumor. With this inflammation temperature rises up to 40 degrees, and the self can cause abscesses of the abdominal wall.

If the skin appeared red scar — the scar is a keloid. In the early stages it is treated with ointments, and injections, but advanced forms are removed by surgery.

If a piercer is not serious, producing a puncture at home or at the wrong master, not to consult a specialist to care for navel piercing, the effects can be depressing .

With the advent of complex diseases should avoid piercing and immediately remove the decoration on their own or with the help of a specialist.
Piercing navel gives the elegance and charm, but do not take hasty decisions. Healthy look and refined figure looks much more beautiful without scars.

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