Navel & Belly Button Piercing - 15 Photos, Types, Risks


The belly button piercing looks elegantly on a tight belly, gives a subtle figure grace and sexuality. Girls with navel piercing look more feminine and attractive, jewelry from precious metals and cubic zirconia will complement the image with eastern notes, thorns and triangles will emphasize the firmness of the character.

In order not to spoil the beautiful figure, you should approach the piercer with all seriousness. The consequences can be very deplorable such as complex abscesses with surgical intervention and colloid scars with long-term treatment.


earrings for navel piercing

It is better to choose small ornaments from surgical steel, gold of the highest test or titanium in the healing period of the wound. Small rods are more preferable than rings, they do not cling to clothes, they are easily inserted into the piercing canal after puncture. You should insert the decoration with polytetrafluoroethylene during pregnancy. This material is not very gloss and variety of colors, but flexible enough. Do not wear ornament made of silver and other oxidizable metals, because the body can reject them.


  • the rod;
  • banana;
  • spiral;
  • ring;
  • circular.


Belly button piercing seems like a standard puncture of the ears at first sight, but doctors equate it with surgical intervention. It is very easy to carry the infection even under sterile conditions and the consequences can be depressing.

Belly button piercing

Pierce the navel better in certified salons, and carefully approach the choice of the master. A navel piercing costs from 1000 rubles, but expensive services are not a guarantor of quality.

Pay attention to the cleanliness of the cabinet and observe the process of the master. An experienced specialist will competently consult you with the care after the puncture, help with the choice of jewelry, he has all the necessary tools and equipment for sterilization.

There are many nerve endings in the navel area and everyone is plagued by guesses: is the navel piercing painful? A competent specialist will make a puncture within one minute. You can use local anesthesia, which is not recommended for self-piercing. The strength of pain depends on the threshold of the sensitivity of a person, which is very individual. The puncture process is almost painless for girls with thin skin, like a normal injection in the muscle.


The process of wound healing is successful if:

  1. a small redness appeared in the navel;
  2. a crust formed near the puncture a week later;
  3. a little whitish liquid is allocated from the wound.

The crust is reduced after two months, but the redness will remain until the wound completely heals. This process is delayed for 4-6 months, so you should be patient and do not miss the treatment of the wound.


how to make a navel piercing

You should wear a clean shirt every day, preferably not synthetic. Substandard fabric will irritate the puncture site, it is bad to let in air and provoke profuse sweating. Clothes should be free, so as not to cling to the decoration, do not put pressure on it, do not rub the navel area. Before the full healing of the wound you should abandon strong physical activity, so stop playing sports. You can’t lean, run and jump in the first few weeks after the piercing of the navel. You have to lie on the side or on the back only. You need to exclude visiting of sauna, swimming in reservoirs and pools, to refrain from dusty work, not to be in drafts.

It is not recommended to wipe yourself with a towel at the navel, be in direct sunlight, artificial ultraviolet. The skin produces vitamin D in the process of sunburn, which helps healing the wound, but bacteria progress in warmth, and suppuration will be inevitable.

How should belly button be treated after the puncture?

The wound should be washed with brine several times a day, using sea salt only! You will need to stir half a teaspoon of salt for a quarter of a glass of boiled warm water, soak a clean cloth and attach it to the wound. The puncture is washed with warm water and soap. The navel should be wiped dry with a tissue paper after each procedure, since moisture provokes the development of bacteria.

The navel puncture is wiped in the morning, in the afternoon and for the night with chlorhexidine, after the last treatment a thin layer of miramistin ointment is applied. You need to wipe the decoration several times per day, especially the places of folds, fastening stones, latches.


  • touch the jewelry with untreated hands, remove before wound healing;
  • treat the wound with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, use all kinds of oils;
  • remove the formed crust without soaking it;
  • scroll the dirty ornament during the treatment of the wound, before applying the disinfectant to it;
  • Drink plenty of alcohol, caffeine and smoke, as blood vessels narrow, and blood flow to the wound is limiting;
  • Do not allow the saliva to hit the navel, closely contact with pets.

You can buy a new decoration in six months you, if all the recommendations were met.


  • debride the hands, ornament and navel area;
  • to fill in with disinfecting solution a new ornament, disassembling it into its constituent parts;
  • gently and slowly remove the annoyed ornament;
  • put on a new ornament and fix it.

You can dip one end into a hot wax, wait a minute, put it through the hole, and then remove the wax for the decoration to go through the piercing canal easier.


It is possible to pierce the navel at home If it’s not scary at the sight of blood and sharp needles. You need to consult with the therapist preliminary, to make the analysis of blood, including sugar. Piercing is unacceptable if:

  • there are chronic diseases of the heart, abdominal cavity or skin;
  • bad coagulability of blood;
  • in pregnancy and diabetes;
  • Hypersensitivity;
  • temperature and cold;
  • low immunity.
consequences navel piercing

Experts recommend pierced navel in the early fall as the winter warm clothing may catch decoration, and in the summer dust particles are collected in the pit navel. By the piercer should be taken seriously and not to save on quality materials. For navel piercing will need:

  1. sharp needle for piercing, you can’t use a pistol;
  2. decoration of the required diameter, length and weight;
  3. special clamp;
  4. 70% spirit or other disinfectant;
  5. cotton wool, bandage and cotton buds, sterile gloves several pairs;
  6. A special marker to mark the puncture point.

You should carefully determine the location of the puncture, so that the decoration was centered, not biased to the side, otherwise it will look ugly.


  1. put the product in a disinfectant solution;
  2. mark a puncture on the upper fold of the navel;
  3. fumigate all devices with spirit, a site of a puncture and hands, to put on gloves;
  4. pull the fold, fasten the clamp, wait a few minutes to reduce the flow of blood;
  5. insert the needle from the bottom up with a confident and sharp movement;
  6. gently put on the ornament;
  7. Remove the clamp and treat the wound.

How long does the navel piercing heal at home? If the decoration was selected correctly, and the process was carried out in conditions of strict sanitation, the wound will heal for 4-6 months. You should immediately consult a doctor at the slightest deterioration!


The crust disappears, the liquid stops flowing and the redness decreases in size after 1-2 months of careful treatment of the wound. If the puncture site hurts, blue or reddening has appeared, it means that the wound has got an infection, and the inflammatory process has begun.

Prescribe levomekol, take anti-inflammatory drugs, and in some cases, antibiotics for the treatment. You should consult a doctor if the temperature rises sharply to protect yourself from abscesses.

beautiful navel piercing


You should consult a doctor and do not self-medicate If a yellow liquid with an unpleasant odor flows from the wound. Such harmless suppuration can provoke tumors, abscesses and infection of the blood. Treatment will be protracted, possibly with surgical intervention.

If a low-quality navel piercing was performed or the care after the puncture was superficial, then the complications may occur:

  • Development of omphalitis;
  • formation of fistula and colloid scar;
  • appearance of a fungal tumor.

This is omphalitis if purulent and blood fluid flows from the navel, the area is very red, crusts are formed. Immediately begin treatment to prevent inflammation of the umbilical vessels: rinse with antiseptic, apply ointments and undergo physiotherapy. Often omphalitis develops into a fistula, which is removed surgically.

If navel piercing doesn’t begin to heal, the pole has strongly reddened, painful consolidation has appeared, and when pressing pus is emitted — it is a fungoid tumor. The temperature rises to 40 degrees with this inflammation, and self-medication can cause phlegmons of a belly wall.

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It is a colloid scar If a red scar appears on the skin. It is treated with ointments and injections in the early stages, but the neglected forms are removed surgically. If the piercing is not taken seriously, a puncture is made at home or by a bad master, you do not consult a specialist how to care for the piercing of the navel, then the consequences can be depressing.

You should abandon the piercing and immediately remove the ornament by yourself or with the help of a specialist with the advent of complex illnesses. The belly button piercing gives sophistication and charm, just do not make hasty decisions. A healthy appearance and a refined figure without scars look much more beautiful.

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